Can Fleas Live In Bed

Fleas are small insects that live in the fur of your pets and like to nibble away. These tiny critters can cause a lot of problems, including skin irritation, allergies and endless scratching. But fleas can also be a problem for you as an owner of an infested pet. The flea eggs fall off your pet and at night the flea eggs can become adults within minutes, jumping on you or your family members to bite them. This will cause irritation on your skin too. Bed bugs are small and parasitic insects of the cimicid family. They feed exclusively on blood, predominantly at night. Thought to be a modern-day phenomenon, in reality bed bugs have co-existed alongside humans for thousands of years. Their size, secretive nature and ability to survive without food make them difficult to control making them one of the most persistent pests in the world today. Of course, like all other species of parasitic insects, fleas need to be in close contact with their warm-blooded hosts for food and breeding. They can’t live too far away from their favorite people or animals, because they need to regularly suck blood to survive and reproduce. Fleas are a common critter to fear. Though pets that spend time outside should be checked for fleas, the presence of fleas inside your home can be worrisome. Flea eggs can also hatch in your bedding which can lead to more flea troubles. Fleas have been on earth over 250 million years, but they’re not as dangerous as they used to be. In eliminating fleas which live in bed, by that I mean searching for dogs, cats and other pets among the humans of your household and getting rid of them, you’ll have to take a few precautions yourself.

Can Fleas Live In Bed

Fleas aren’t just a nuisance for dogs and cats.

Fleas aren’t just a nuisance for dogs and cats. They can also cause serious allergic reactions in humans, so they should be taken seriously by anyone who has a pet that’s prone to flea infestations.

There are several ways that fleas can make you sick:

  • Fleas carry diseases that can be transmitted to people through bites or contact with infected animal hair or skin. Some of these diseases include typhus fever, bubonic plague and rickettsialpox. Allergic reactions to flea saliva also occur regularly in humans who have been bitten by an infected animal. Common symptoms include fatigue, muscle aches and headaches as well as swelling around the bite area which may last several days after the initial incident occurred (not unlike how itchy red bumps appear when someone gets bit by chiggers).

Flea bites are itchy.

It is important to note that fleas will bite people as well as animals. If you do get bitten by a flea, it is best to treat both yourself and your pet at the same time. In fact, if your pet has fleas, it’s likely that you have them too—so be sure to address this issue on both levels!

Flea bites can become infected or irritate the skin if they are scratched into open wounds or rubbed by clothing or bedding. Bites may also cause allergic reactions in humans and animals.

Fleas can make you sick.

Everyone knows that fleas can make a dog sick. But did you know that fleas are also known to cause tapeworms in people? If you swallow a flea, it can make its way into your stomach and live there, feeding off of the nutrients in your food and making you feel full. One of these little guys will make an appearance every time you have a meal, so be careful where you sit down to eat or have someone else eat while they’re wearing their outdoor clothes—the last thing anyone wants is to accidentally eat their own pets’ dinner!

If you get bitten by a flea then it’s possible to contract an infection from them. Fleas carry disease-causing bacteria on their bodies and may pass these diseases along when they bite us (or our pets). The best way to avoid this is by treating any pet with fleas with medication as soon as possible.

Fleas can cause allergic reactions in humans and animals.

Flea bites on humans can cause inflammation and itching. This can be a problem for people with allergies to flea saliva. People who have a severe reaction to flea bites will develop intense itching and rashes, and they may also have difficulty breathing.

The small size of the fleas makes it more difficult for humans to spot them without magnification. They are so small that they fit between the hairs on your dog’s skin or between your cat’s paw pads, making them hard to see without looking closely with a magnifying glass or other device.

Fleas are capable of transmitting diseases such as bubonic plague, typhus fever, murine typhus (also known as endemic typhus), cat scratch disease (CSD), bartonellosis (cat-scratch disease), ehrlichiosis bacteria transmitted by ticks and mosquitoes that causes Rocky Mountain spotted fever in humans

The sooner you get your flea problem under control, the better.

If you think you have a flea problem, don’t wait to take action. While adult fleas tend to live only one month at most, their eggs can remain dormant for up to two years before hatching—meaning that if there is an infestation in your home, it’s not just today or this month that will be affected; it’s going to affect all the months ahead. If you let things go for too long, the difference between treating them now and later will be night and day: You’ll have far fewer bites from their bites as well as fewer eggs on your pet and elsewhere around the house.

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