Can Fleas Make A Kitten Sick

Can fleas make a kitten sick? If a kitten plays with a flea then does the flea bite and lay eggs in the skin of the kitten, the eggs can become an infection. Obviously, this is not good. The fleas would want to feed on the blood and eggs of the kitten or other animal. It is true that fleas can make a cat sick. Even though this fact has been addressed by vets for many years, there are still some people that doubt it. You can blame the media to be honest. They have had it on their minds for quite sometime now to question if a cat could get ill with fleas. It’s no doubt since there has been an onslaught of fleas in our communities as of late these negative rumors have arisen which I’m going to address today. I’m going to tell you what I know about fleas in kittens (tee-hee), as well as some home remedies you can use to stop fleas on kittens and how to cure a sick kitten caused by fleas. Fleas are parasites that live on a warm-blooded host such as a cat, dog or human. If your kitten is feline leukemia positive, the symptoms of the disease won’t be helped by introducing a parasite into the situation. A flea infested pet (like a kitten) will cause harm and might make the pet sick. Well, there is some truth to that statement. But first of all, what are fleas?  Fleas are tiny insects that feed on blood of mammals and birds. There are several types of fleas. Most common types of fleas that you can find in pets are cat fleas and dog fleas. Fleas are notorious for being annoying and hard to get rid of. They are quick, they jump and they bite your cat whenever they have the chance. They can jump up to as high as seven inches off the ground, meaning your precious pet will be exposed to them even if you have it inside.

Can Fleas Make A Kitten Sick

Fleas can make kittens sick by making them anemic.

Fleas can make kittens sick by making them anemic. Fleas drain a kitten’s blood, and if they do it too much, the kitten will get weak and lethargic, possibly even develop a fever or start vomiting. These symptoms are bad enough on their own, but if you let flea infestations go untreated long enough they can kill your kitten!

The flea infestation can cause the kitten to itch and lose hair causing red inflamed skin.

As you can imagine, the flea infestation can cause the kitten to itch and lose hair causing red inflamed skin. The kitten may also develop bald spots on his body as a result of excessive scratching.

Fleas can spread tapeworms and other infections.

If your kitten has fleas, they can pass on tapeworms and other infections to you. Tapeworms are parasites that live in the intestines of cats and dogs, but they can be spread to humans through direct contact with an infected animal or its feces. The larvae of these worms get into a human’s body when they accidentally eat them while grooming themselves or their pets.

If the tapeworms are not treated quickly enough, they can cause anemia or even death in kittens (and adults). In addition to tapeworms, fleas can also spread dangerous bacteria like cat scratch disease (Bartonellosis). This disease is caused by bacteria from flea feces entering the bloodstream through scratches made by infected cats’ claws during fights or playtime; it then causes fever, swollen lymph nodes and headaches in humans who come into close contact with infected animals and their waste products.

Some kittens have an allergic reaction to the flea bites causing a rash or hives.

If your kitten is younger than 12 weeks old, talk to your vet before using a flea treatment. While some kittens may be more susceptible to fleas and will need flea treatments, others are likely not affected by them at all.

Flea prevention products can be used safely on kittens of all ages—it just depends on the product and how it’s applied. Some spot-on treatments aren’t recommended for kittens less than 12 weeks old because they can get into their eyes and cause irritation or blindness. Other products require that you rub the liquid or powder onto your pet’s skin directly, so it shouldn’t be used until the kitten is old enough to groom itself properly (usually around 8 months of age). If you’re unsure whether a product is safe for your kitten, ask a professional before applying it. Even if you know what kind of treatment will work best for Fido’s furball friend, waiting until he reaches adult size before treating him with anything may help keep him from developing any allergies as he grows up!

Fleas can be hard to get rid of because they lay eggs in your home even after treatment.

When fleas have infested your home, it can be hard to get rid of them. Even after treatment, flea eggs may hatch weeks or months later in carpets and furniture.

You can help prevent this by vacuuming up the pet hair regularly and washing bedding once per week. Treating all areas of your home where pets spend most of their time is recommended as well. If you’re treating only one person, consider treating everyone who lives there because they will share clothing that has been around other animals who also might be carrying fleas from the outdoors into your house.

Preventing fleas is the key to keeping your kitten from getting sick from flea infestations.

Preventing fleas is the key to keeping your kitten from getting sick from flea infestations.

  • Treat cats and home with a flea preventative. Flea products with active ingredients such as fipronil or imidacloprid are usually applied topically and will kill all stages of the life cycle, including eggs and larvae. Cats should be treated monthly for three months if you live in an area where fleas are common year-round.
  • Use a product that kills fleas at all stages of their life cycle. Products containing pyrethrins (natural insecticides derived from chrysanthemums) or permethrin can be used on cats over 8 weeks old and kill adult fleas but will not kill eggs or larvae, so they need to be reapplied every two weeks to maintain control of the population.
  • Vacuum regularly, especially under furniture where cats like to snooze! Vacuuming up any eggs laid by adult females should help break up infestations before they get out of hand—you want to keep egg counts low so that when you apply your medication it has maximum effect on those remaining parasites still alive in your home!

Treat kittens with flea meds as soon as possible to avoid harm.

You can treat your kitten for fleas in a variety of ways. The most common are topical medications, pills and shots. There are also less conventional methods including house-wide fumigation, yard spraying and diatomaceous earth application.

The first choice for most people is to use a topical medication on their cat or kitten. These come in various forms: sprays, shampoos and creams; but all contain the same ingredients—fipronil/sulfoxaflor (usually mixed with pyrethrins) or permethrin (which also combats ticks). A few drops of this go on your pet’s skin where they will absorb it through their fur coat into their bloodstream to kill any parasites that bite them; however it does not kill any eggs that were laid by those fleas before the treatment was applied (so repeat applications may be necessary). This particular type of treatment is safe for both dogs and cats but do not apply if pregnant cats as it could cause harm to unborn kittens!

If you want something more discreet then consider applying pills once per month instead which contain fipronil/sulfoxaflor only; these should be given orally via pill pockets or treat toys—but make sure you store them somewhere inaccessible to children! You should also note that these types won’t work against ticks so you’ll need another option if these bothersome critters are present!

If neither approach works well enough then consider trying out other noninvasive options such as using “flea bombs” around the house every 60 days along with treating lawns outside with insecticides such as pyrethroid sprays which work just fine against fleas too!

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