Chinese Chalk For Cockroaches: Usage Guide & Products

China chalk for cockroaches has been used for centuries in China.

Cockroaches are a tremendous threat to the health and cleanliness of any home or business. While experts recommend various ways to get rid of these pests, including pesticides and spraying, these methods can be dangerous if they are not handled properly. The problem is even worse when you have children or pets at home that could accidentally come into contact with chemicals.

Chinese chalk for cockroaches is an age-old remedy that has proven time and time again its effectiveness in battling this pest. It is safe around children and pets and is affordable to buy online or at local stores specializing in Chinese remedies. If you own a cockroach, you might have wanted to do many things, such as kill it. But it is not easy to eliminate it since a cockroach likes to hide inside cracks and crevices when hunting for something to eat.

Cockroaches like to stay in dark places, so if these places are sealed, chances are you’ll never come across the cockroaches again, this is why the cockroaches love rooms that are badly ventilated and always dark. To get rid of the cockroaches, you will need to open the room out for light and air or find their hiding spots with lighted candles and seek them one by one. However, a better way to get rid of cockroaches is through Chinese chalk for cockroaches. This method could help kill off all your unwanted pests and ensure that they don’t come back anytime soon.

What Is the Chinese Roach Chalk Made Of?

Chinese roach chalk is made from a combination of boric acid and food coloring.

Boric acid is a naturally occurring chemical that is also used as an insecticide. It is also found in many household products, including some eye drops and contact lens solutions.

The food coloring in the roach chalk is likely to be FD&C Red No. 40 or Yellow No. 5. These dyes are approved for use in foods and may be toxic if ingested by humans or animals; however, they are generally considered safe when used as directed on labels for household products like this one.

How To Use Chinese Chalk

Chinese chalk is made from powdered limestone, which is found in most areas of the world. The powder is mixed with water and spread on the floor to create a paste that attracts cockroaches, who then roll themselves into the paste and die. This method of killing cockroaches is not toxic to humans, but it does slowly suffocate them, so it’s not something you should be doing if you have a problem with killing animals. Chinese chalk works well for people who don’t want chemicals or traps around their home because this method only kills cockroaches, it doesn’t harm other insects or pets either.

Is Chinese Chalk For Cockroaches Safe for Human Consumption?

Chinese chalk is one of the most popular methods for preventing cockroaches in homes and businesses. The chalk is applied to areas where cockroaches may be hiding, and it is designed to be poisonous to the roaches. However, some people have concerns about whether Chinese chalk is safe for humans to eat.

The primary ingredient in Chinese chalk is boric acid, which has been used as a pesticide for many years. Boric acid itself is not toxic to humans or pets, but it does act as an insecticide if ingested by cockroaches who are then eaten by other animals or humans.

Chinese chalk should not be ingested by humans or pets, but it can be safely used around food preparation areas if you follow all safety precautions carefully.

List of Chinese Chalk & Other Cockroach Killers

You’ve probably heard of Raid, the famous bug spray brand. Raid is certainly not the only cockroach killer on the market, however. There are many other options that you can use to kill these pesky insects.

Here is a list of some of chinese chalk and other Cockroach killers on Amazon:

chinese chalk for cockroach

Hagoromo Fulltouch Color Chalk 1 Box [72 Pcs/White]

Price: $34.90


  • WELL COATED AND DUST FREE: The only thing worse than chalk breaking in half is getting dust all over your hands and clothes when writing on the board or drawing on the sidewalk. All Hagoromo chalks are well coated to prevent hands from coming into contact with chalk dust when using. Never have to worry about stained, dusty hands when using chalk ever again
  • VIBRANT AND CONCENTRATED: All chalks are highly concentrated in color, are vibrant and have bright color payoff. Great visibility makes it perfect for use in large classrooms or lecture halls. Marks smoothly, creating clear and distinct lines on chalkboards and sidewalks
  • NO MISTAKES: Our chalks erase easily leaving little to no residue on the chalkboard when removed. Chalk can be easily washed from most articles of clothing without leaving any unwanted permanent marks. Chalk generates little dust and fallout minimizing chances of smudging and messes when writing or drawing
  • ECONOMICAL USE: Unlike other chalkboard or sidewalk chalks, Hagoromo chalk is highly dense meaning that their shelf life is longer as it is consumed very slowly due to compression molding, drying system, and special thermal treatments. There is no need to use a lot of chalk to generate vibrant and colorful art, a little goes a long way!
  • NON-TOXIC AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from high quality natural calcium carbonate, this product is non-toxic and safe for kids and professional use. Every single Hagoromo chalk is packaged and inserted in foam slots one by one to avoid breakage.

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advion 383920 4 Tubes and 4 Plungers Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Inse, Brown

advion 383920 4 Tubes and 4 Plungers Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Inse, Brown

Price : $36.95

Features :

  • The Package Length of the Product is 5.08 centimeters
  • The Package Height of the Product is 17.78 centimeters
  • The Package Width of the Product is 16.51 centimeters
  • Package Weight : 0.272 kilograms

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Bayer 4031982B Suspend 16oz, White

Bayer 4031982B Suspend 16oz, White

Price : $36.81

Features :

  • Broad-spectrum control of more than 50 nuisance pests
  • Effective knockdown with a long residual
  • No odor, no visible residue
  • Package Dimensions: 3.1 L x 27.7 H x 18.0 W (centimeters)

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In Conclusion,

Cockroaches are a problem that many homeowners face. They can quickly multiply and become a major issue in your home, causing health problems and property damage. If you have a roach problem, you may be wondering how to get rid of them. Chinese chalk is an effective way to control cockroaches in your home.

To use Chinese chalk, simply sprinkle the powder on the floor where cockroaches come into contact with it. This will help prevent them from getting into the house and will kill them if they do come inside. The powder will cling to their bodies, forming a barrier that prevents them from reaching areas where they would otherwise thrive. It also kills them if they eat it.

You should not use this product around children or pets because it contains arsenic and other toxic chemicals. Store it out of reach of children and pets at all times.

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