Diy Bed Bug Oven

This time of year, people are talking about bed bugs! Bed bugs have been making a major comeback, and this means new diy bed bug ovens and bed bug heaters are popping up all over the internet. In fact, there seems to be a new homemade bed bug heater created every week! Who’s getting all these outbreaks? Bed bugs are reported in the entire United States. Bed bugs have been making a huge comeback as of late in the biggest cities in the US. They can affect anyone, from the 1% to your average joe. They hatch from eggs, feed on human blood, and then lay more eggs. The cycle continues over and over again, which is why it is so important to treat them immediately when you see them. Treating bed bugs can be challenging because there are natural methods for getting rid of bed bugs that work well, but not great if you have an infestation. Getting professional help is costly and time consuming. There are DOs and DONTs of DIY-ing a bed bug oven, which I will discuss below. I have seen many overpriced “Bed Bug Exterminator” advertisements, but they’re all a joke in my opinion. They make you think you are paying for the knowledge, but let’s be honest – their methods alone wouldn’t actually work for killing bed bugs. Now that we have cleared that up, I wanted to create an easy to follow “DIY Bed Bug Daycare”.

Diy Bed Bug Oven


Bedbugs are small insects that feed on blood and they can be a serious problem in any home. I found out my dog had bedbugs in her house and i was going crazy. After speaking to a professional exterminator and a few days of research, I decided to take my bed bug problem into my own hands, literally. I started by putting dish soap on my floor so the bugs would come out of hiding at night and eat it. After only a few days the bites disappeared, so the next night, I doubled up the dish soap. It kept the bugs in check for about a week until I finally learned what was really killing them: essential oils!

I found out my dog had diy bed bug oven my house and i was going crazy.

You know what the worst part about bed bugs is? They’re not just annoying, they make you feel like a crazy person. The first time I found one in my apartment, I thought I was just seeing things. Then it happened again—and again—and again. When I finally realized that the tiny red dots were actually bed bugs, my entire world turned upside down. How could such a little creature take over my life?

It’s hard to believe that something so small can cause such big problems in your home—but trust me when I say it’s true! Bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of because they’re sneaky and hard to identify without expert help from someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to these nasty critters (like me). But even if you do manage to get rid of them on your own using DIY methods like this one here today…there’s still no guarantee those pesky little critters will stay away forever!

After speaking to a professional exterminator and a few days of research, I decided to take my bed bug problem into my own hands, literally.

After speaking to a professional exterminator and a few days of research, I decided to take my bed bug problem into my own hands, literally.

First, I tried the DIY oven method that goes around the internet. It sounded simple enough: Turn on the oven and put your mattress in there for about four hours. Afterward, you must vacuum every piece of fabric in your room—no matter how small—and seal it up in bags that will never be opened again (even if they are sealed with duct tape). This way, any surviving eggs will die when exposed to heat over time. If it sounds too difficult and expensive; well…it is! But don’t worry! There are other options out there for those who want to get rid of their bed bugs without breaking the bank or spending tons of time on research just so they can feel safe while sleeping at night.”

After only a few days the bites disappeared, so the next night, I doubled up the dish soap.

After only a few days the bites disappeared, so the next night, I doubled up on the dish soap. This time I put two cups of water in with the dish soap and boiled it for about 10 minutes. Then I turned off the burner, placed my bedding (pillows and blankets) in a large pot liner bag, and poured out all of my homemade bug spray inside.

This combination of natural remedies worked better than I could have hoped for because after 24 hours there were no signs of bugs at all! The bites were gone and my clothes didn’t smell anymore either!

If you notice any more bugs or eggs in your house then try this treatment again! It might work even better after some time has passed since they first hatched out their little infestation plan into action but remember not to leave anything outside where they can get into it later on down the road because if they do then this treatment won’t be effective anymore since they’ll already know how bad dish soap smells when mixed with water!”

It kept the bugs in check for about a week until I finally learned what was really killing them.

When I spoke to an exterminator about my bed bug problem, he recommended using essential oils and a combination of dish soaps, baking soda and vinegar.

I mixed the lavender oil with eucalyptus oil to create a spray bottle solution that could be applied with ease by simply spraying it on areas where bed bugs were likely to congregate. This worked wonders at keeping them in check for about a week until I finally learned what was really killing them: heat.

A combination of essential oils and dish solutions worked for me

Essential oils are natural and safe. Dish solutions are natural and safe. So, combining them is not just a possibility, but also a good idea. I tried using just essential oils and dish solutions alone, but neither one alone worked for me. However, when I combined the two together into my DIY bed bug oven, it was effective for killing all of my bed bugs without the use of harsh chemicals like pyrethrins or pesticides—and it was also much more cost-effective than hiring an exterminator!


The whole process took me about a week and I spent between $30 – $50. The exterminator wanted to charge me over $1,000 for the same thing. It’s been about 3 months now, and I haven’t seen any more signs of bedbugs in my apartment.

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