Do Mosquito Repellent Expire: Best Usage

Mosquitoes are annoying and they can be hazardous. To protect yourself from mosquito bites, you need to use mosquito repellent. But do mosquito repellent expire?

Mosquito repellents work by using chemicals that smell like chemicals that mosquitoes don’t like. There are several different types of repellents available in the market these days and they all have different ingredients. Some of them contain DEET while others use picaridin or permethrin as their main ingredient.

All mosquito repellent products have expiration dates printed on the back of their packaging. While the length of time that they’ll last depends on the type of product, sprays tend to expire sooner than lotions or gels, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and toss any expired spray cans out for good measure.

Always Check The Back Of The Repellent

The fine print on the back of a repellent product will tell you how long it’s good for and most products have an expiration date stamped on them. But once you’ve opened it, how long will it keep working?

The effective life of a mosquito repellent differs by type. Some are more time-sensitive than others. Mosquito gels and candles can last for most of a decade if sealed correctly. This is because they contain pyrethrins, which degrade rapidly when exposed to air or sunlight (like in their original packaging). Other sprays may lose effectiveness in two or three years but still provide some protection against mosquitoes during this period.

Less Effect After Two Years

Most sprays and lotions will tend to lose their effectiveness after two to three years, but gels and candles can last for most of a decade if sealed correctly.

If you decide to use an older spray, make sure that it’s at least six months old before opening it up. If the container is damaged or leaking, toss it out immediately, it probably won’t work anymore anyway.

If you’re not sure about your repellents, throw them out.

  • If it smells bad, it’s probably bad.
  • If it has a strange color, it’s probably bad.
  • If it doesn’t work, it’s probably bad.
  • If it’s not in a sealed container, it’s probably bad.

Use Of Natural Repellent

You can use a natural insect repellent like Oil or Lotion of Lemon Eucalyptus which has been proven to be effective in many studies. Natural ingredients have been used for centuries and are safe for children, pets, and the environment.

List Of Mosquito Repellents

There are many mosquitoes repellents for effective control of mosquitoes. This list includes some of the most effective products you can use to keep mosquitoes from biting you and your family.

mosquito repellents 2

ANEWNICE Mosquito Repellent for Patio, Natural Mosquito Repellent for Yard,Powerful Mosquito Repellent for Outdoor and Indoor, Mosquito Control for Room,Mosquito Deterrent for Travel – 8 Pack

Price: $28.99


  • KEEP MOSQUITOS AWAY NATURALLY – The clean fresh smell of 100% pure plant extract repel mosquitoes, natural mosquito repellent for family, keep mosquitoes far away from your home and out of your yard.
  • KEELONG LASTING EFFECTIVE – The effect lasts about 60-90 days, achieve continuous mosquito control, the mosquito repellent will give off long lasting scent to create a natural barrier around areas you want to keep mosquitoes out of, allowing you to enjoy lasting outdoor fun.P MOSQUITOS AWAY NATURALLY – The clean fresh smell of 100% pure plant extract repel mosquitoes, natural mosquito repellent for family. Safe and friendly around pets as well as humans,when used as directed.
  • EASY TO USE – Just put the mosquito repellent where you want to repel annoying mosquitoes, such as bedroom, patio, backyard and deck, or pool areas, it creates a natural mosquito repellent barrier.
  • WIDELY USED – Can be applied for patio, kitchen, bedroom, living room, terrace, garden, caravan, tent, or while camping, traveling, fishing, etc. Can keep you in a mosquito-free environment.
  • HUMAN & PETS SAFE – Made of exclusive formula, all natural ingredients safe for people, toddlers, pets, plants and the environment when used as directed.

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GOOTOP Bug Zapper Outdoor Electric, Mosquito Zapper Outdoor, Fly Traps, Fly Zapper, Mosquito Killer, 3 Prong Plug, 90-130V, ABS Plastic Outer

Price: $39.99


  • Effectively eliminate most flying insects: mosquito, Aedes, gnats, midges, flies, horse flies, fruit flies, house flies, moths, wasps, etc. Please use this exterminator at night and in the dark.
  • EPA registered: the blue-violet light attracts flying insects, and the high-voltage electric grid zaps them on contact. So you don’t have to put up with the smell of sprays, insecticides and attractants. You also don’t have to worry about your pets eating insects that have been killed by pesticides.
  • Light weight & Easy to use: It’s very light so you can hang it everywhere you like. No warm up, Starts working when plugged in.
  • Easy to clean: Dead bugs will fall onto the tray, you just need to clean the tray with brush provided. The tray needs to be emptied and cleaned regularly to keep the bug zapper working efficiently.
  • 1/2 Acre Coverage. Good for home, patio, balcony, courtyard, front porch, garden, pergola, deck, backyard, camping, swimming pool, garage, farm, etc.

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mosquito repellents

Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Rechargeable Adventure EX-Series EX90; 9-Hour Battery, Includes 12-Hr Refill, Rubber Armor & Carabiner; DEET-Free Bug Spray Alternative; Scent Free; Weather Resistant

Price: $42.42


  • EXTENDED MOSQUITO PROTECTION: Thermacell EX90 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller creates a 20-foot zone of protection against mosquitoes. Rugged and easy to use, this adventure-ready repeller is great for camping, fishing, hunting, and more.
  • HEAT-ACTIVATED TECHNOLOGY: Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with up to 9 hours of continuous mosquito protection per charge. Durable and compact, with a spill-proof locking mechanism and an IP54 rating to protect against water and dust.
  • EFFECTIVELY REPEL WITHOUT SPRAY OR SCENT: Repel mosquitoes without DEET sprays or lotions on your skin. No smoke, flames, or harsh odors like citronella. Enjoy max protection in 15 minutes. Unscented, liquid repellent cartridge is easy to replace.
  • ADVANCED REPELLENT: Independently tested and EPA reviewed for safety & effectiveness. Repels tough mosquitoes, including those that may transmit Encephalitis, West Nile Virus, and Zika Virus. People and pet friendly. TSA-compliant for air travel.
  • THERMACELL GUARANTEE: Extend warranty to 3 years with registration (automatic 2-year warranty included). Backed by Thermacell Guarantee. See packaging for details. Includes repeller, 12-hour refill, USB charging cable, and lanyard with carabiner.

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In Conclusion,

If you want to know more about your mosquito repellent, there are many resources available online. Be sure to check out the CDC’s recommendations for safe use and alternative products such as lemon eucalyptus oil or citronella candles before making any decisions. Then go enjoy a bug-free summer.

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