Does Garlic Repel Fleas

Everybody knows that eating garlic repels vampires, but what about fleas? It’s a fact; garlicky breath scares people away. But also dogs can’t stand it either. So whether your dog has fleas or you have garlic breath, I’ve got the answer to your burning questions of “Does Garlic Repel Fleas?” Garlic repels fleas by masking the flea’s natural odor. Fleas rely on scent to locate their hosts so the garlic odor confuses and confounds them. Many people believe garlic is toxic to small pets but this is not true as long as it is used properly and at safe doses. Some people are allergic to it, however, and for them it can be dangerous. If a pet has a history of eating garlic, you may have to experiment with the dosage you give them when using garlic as an insect repellent during flea season. The best way to determine tolerance is just to test your pet with a very tiny amount of garlic. You could always try feeding your pets a little bit of raw or cooked garlic first if they will be in contact with other animals that might have eaten garlic already in order to avoid any allergic reactions from taking place on their sensitive skin. Fleas are a nasty animal. Just when you think you’re rid of them and you can live in peace, they come crawling back. To prevent further infestation, many people have found some great solutions from gargling salt water, using diatomaceous earth, and even giving the animals a quick bath. However, for all practical purposes and for extra protection, using garlic is one of the best ways to repel fleas.

Does Garlic Repel Fleas

Garlic is a natural flea repellent and has been used for centuries. There are many reasons why garlic works to repel fleas, but the most important is that it creates a strong odor that cats don’t like. It also contains sulfur compounds which can kill fleas on contact.

Garlic comes in many forms including powder, pills, oil, and even sprays. Regardless of the form you choose, you should be aware of some common problems with using garlic as a flea repellent:

1) It’s hard to get rid of the smell if your cat gets into it or ingests some of it;

2) Garlic can cause stomach upset in some animals;

3) You have to reapply it every day or every few days (depending on the form); and

4) It doesn’t work on ticks or other pests besides fleas.

Does Garlic Repel Fleas

Garlic is a natural flea repellent. It has been proven to be effective in repelling fleas from your pet and is safe for both cats and dogs. The smell of garlic can repel fleas for up to three hours after application.

The best way to use garlic as a repellent is by mixing it with water and applying it directly on the skin of your pet. You can also add a few drops of this mixture in their food bowl or water bowl to keep them free from fleas.

Garlic repels fleas. It’s a fact.

But how does it work?

Garlic contains sulfur, which is what makes it smell so good. But it’s also what makes garlic a powerful anti-flea agent. Sulfur bonds with the surface of your pet’s skin and hair follicles to create a layer of protection against fleas, ticks, lice, and other bugs.

The idea that garlic can repel fleas has been around since ancient times—Greek scholars believed that rubbing garlic on your body would keep away fleas, and the Romans used to place cloves of garlic under their pillows at night to keep away any unwanted visitors!

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