Dogs Eating Ants

Dogs eating ants is a bit of a touchy subject. After all, millions of people have dogs as pets, and ants are quite beneficial to the garden, so you’re going to find some controversy on the topic. Still, this isn’t about the bugs themselves (we love those guys), it’s all about man’s best friend – the dog. Dogs love eating bugs like ants, but is it safe? Let’s take a look at why many pet owners turn up their nose at this type of dog treat. Now, it’s time for a story about dogs eating ants. It is one of those old sayings that goes something like this: “if you give a dog ants, then he’ll learn to carry ants in his mouth”. Dogs are cute and cuddly when they’re begging for table scraps. But can you imagine them digging in the earth with their paws, hunting down an enemy to eat? The idea seems a little (or a lot) strange and foreign, but there are actually dogs who hunt and kill ants! These wild dogs make up the breeds of dingoes and New Guinea singing dogs. You might be wondering how they do it. Well, like these dogs said, ants taste good!The dogs eating ants thing is something a lot of dog owners have come across once they got new pets. There’s no doubt that your dog will get attracted by the juicy taste in ants and will eat them. This can become very frustrating as they probably won’t stop going after them until they consume the whole colony. Snakes vs. Ants is one of those nature videos that you probably haven’t seen much. Here we see a common garter snake in a wrestling match with about 25 ants. They are both moving in opposite directions or the snake would have likely swallowed the ant in one go. The ants seems to be quite effective at slowing down the snake’s movement, but the key here is patience. At 0:19, it just looks like he got bit by an ant but don’t forget that sometimes patience really pays off.

Dogs Eating Ants

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Dogs Eating Ants

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List Of Dogs Eating Ants

SUHEEUS Dog Bowl Raised Pet Food Bowls Cat Puppy Bowls Round No Spill Colorful Water Feeder Eating Bowl for Small Animals
Price : $16.99
Features :

  • 2 bowls, blue+yellow
  • safe PP material, undreakable.
  • outdoor Design, fill the gap with water will keep outdoor small creatures away from dog food.
  • for most cats, small breed dogs and other small animals to use
  • indoor and outdoor use.

Additional Info :

Color Yellow,Blue
2pcs Dog Bowls Pet Cat Puppy Food Bowls Plastic Round No Spill Water Food Feeder Dish Colorful Feeding Eating Bowls
Price : $16.99
Features :

  • SPECIAL DESIGN. Injecting water into the elevated dog bowl, ensuring the clean quality of the dog food and preventing the dogs from eating something else.
  • SAFE MATERIAL. The puppy bowl is made with food-safe PP materials and easy clean. Very bright and colorful, which will greatly increase the appetite of the dog.
  • NO SLIP ON THE FLOOR. The bottom of the dog raised bowl is made of non-slip rubber, so it will stay steady when eating food and drinking.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION. Ultra light and durable, can be use at home or outside. The dog bowl set is suitable for outdoor or where there are many ants.
  • WIDELY APPLICABLE. This dog feeding bowls suitable for heavy and big dogs, puppy, cats, and other small animals. There are 2pcs food feeder bowls in the package.

Additional Info :

Color Yellow,Blue
Welcome to the Chum Bucket/Frankendoodle
Price : $1.99
Features :

    Additional Info :

    Release Date 2006-10-01T17:00:00.000Z
    Ant Away Cat Dog Pet Food Bowl 32 Oz Food Water Bowls Dish for Small Medium Size Dogs Cats by With You6688
    Price : $14.49
    Features :

    • Dishwasher safe
    • Ants away bowls:widen and deepen water moat,ants can not come into the pet food
    • Good size: holds up to 32 oz or 4 cups food or water totally
    • Convenient: double bowl is available to both eat and drink
    • Environmental and durable: strong baby bottle material ensures a long time use

    Additional Info :

    Color blue
    Item Dimensions
    Height 2 Inches
    Width 7.75 Inches
    Length 14.5 Inches
    Weight 0.56875 Pounds
    SoulThink Ant Proof Cat Dog Bowl Tray - 2022 New Innovation Anti Ant Pet Food Dish Indoor No Chemical No Water Needed Different from Traditional Ant Trap
    Price : $23.98
    Features :

    • 【 2022 MOST INNOVATIVE AWARD】 Amazing patented invention keeps ants away . Works like magic. No need for chemicals or water ! Use it and be amazed !
    • 【 US PATENT NEW INNOVATION 】Engineered and patented in U.S. using physical mechanism rather than toxic chemical to achieve ant proof effect. (US Patent 6460288 Certification)
    • 【 PROVIDE A SAFE PLACE FOR YOUR FAMILY 】 Stop exposure to chemical hazards ! Soulthink use organic way to keep ants away from your food and your pet’s bowl. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use !
    • 【 PROTECT EVERYTHING YOU WANT FROM ANTS 】Not only place under pet food dish ! You can also put your food , dessert , drink or even trash can on our anti ant food tray to achieve an ant free environment .
    • 【 VALUABLE GIFT FOR YOU 】Does your loved ones or friends have babies or pets at home ? This anti ant tray makes the perfect gift ! It’s a thoughtful gift to help them keep away from ants !
    • Note: Package includes TRAY only. Bowl is NOT included. Put your pet’s bowl or your dish on top of this magic tray and keep ants away!

    Additional Info :

    Color Royal Blue

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