Home Remedies For Insect Repellent

There is no denying that mosquitoes are everywhere in warm weather. Many of our spring and summer activities involve outdoor time, which means we will be exposed to their bites. And many people have aversions to using insect repellent for many reasons. The good news is, there are effective ways to repel mosquitoes using home remedies for mosquitoes outside. Want safer insect repellent options to your non-organic store-bought brands? Then you’ve come to the right place! In today’s article, we’ll reveal to you some of the most effective home remedies for insects, along with tips on how to choose the best mosquito repellents for your family and home.

Home Remedies For Insect Repellent

Essential Oil Spray (1)

In a spray bottle, mix essential oils and water. You can use any combination of oils you want—they will all work to repel bugs. For example, you could use lavender, peppermint and tea tree oil (the latter two are especially good for repelling bugs).

Eucalyptus Oil (2)

If you have a mosquito or tick problem, eucalyptus oil is an effective remedy. It works by creating a barrier on the skin that repels bugs and can be applied in several ways:

  • Add it to an aromatherapy diffuser to create an insect-repelling scent when you’re relaxing inside.
  • Create a spray using just two ingredients: water and eucalyptus oil. This spray can be used on your skin as well as any clothing or gear that will come into contact with insects. Just be sure not to inhale the vapors!
  • If you’ve already been bitten by mosquitoes or ticks, try applying some eucalyptus oil onto the affected area using cotton balls or gauze pads—this may help reduce itching and inflammation from bites (3). Eucalyptus is also useful for treating bug bites because it contains compounds that are anti-inflammatory, which may help relieve pain caused by insect bites (4). You can combine coconut oil or olive oil with essential oils like peppermint, lavender, clove bud/leaf extractions; then massage it into your skin after being bitten by insects so they won’t sting again (5).

Tea Tree Oil (3)

Tea tree oil contains terpenoids that have insecticidal effects, so it can be used to repel ticks and fleas. It is also effective at repelling mosquitoes, though not as well as DEET. Tea tree oil is extremely safe for humans and animals (including cats), but it may cause irritation when applied directly on the skin in high concentrations.

Clove Essential Oil (4)

Clove oil is a natural mosquito repellent that can be used in a diffuser or rubbed directly onto your skin. It is effective against 4 out of 5 types of mosquitoes and has shown to be more effective than DEET at repelling the Aedes mosquito, which transmits Zika and other viruses. Clove oil has a strong smell, but it’s not harmful to humans.

You can purchase clove essential oil online or at most drugstores and grocery stores that carry essential oils.

Citronella Oil (5)

Citronella oil is a natural insect repellent obtained from a plant called citronella. It is also known as mosquito plant oil, which is a member of the lemongrass family.

Citronella oil has been used for centuries by people in Southeast Asia to repel insects. In fact, it was one of the earliest insect repellents available on the market!

It’s not clear how citronella oil works as an insect repellent, but some people think that it interferes with insects’ smell receptors by making them unable to smell food or sex pheromones from other insects nearby. Others believe that citronella oil irritates contact points on their exoskeletons (outer covering), which causes them discomfort and makes them want to leave the area where they’re at as soon as possible!

However it works exactly, citronella oil has never been shown in any studies conducted so far to cause any side effects such as skin irritation when applied directly onto human skin; therefore you don’t have anything else going against this natural remedy besides its relatively weak efficacy compared with other products out there – especially when compared against DEET-based repellents – which may be worth considering if you’re looking for something more powerful than what I’ve listed above.”

Lavender Oil (6)

Lavender oil is one of the best insect repellents. It has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and antiseptic properties which make it popular all over the world. This oil is also known to have calming and soothing properties that can help you relax while you are enjoying the outdoors.

  • Dilute lavender with water before applying on your skin to avoid irritation or allergies.
  • Pour a few drops of lavender oil onto a cotton ball and wipe it on exposed areas such as neck, face and legs for best results.

Mint Essential Oil (7)

Mint essential oil is a great way to make your home smell fresh and feel clean. You can use mint oil on your skin, or make a room spray or candle to help keep insects away.

To use mint oil on your skin, dilute it in water first. Mix together 1 teaspoon of mint oil with 1 cup of water in a spray bottle, then shake well before using. Spray this mixture onto exposed areas of skin around 3 times per day until you no longer notice any bites or irritation from insects.

Neem Oil Spray (8)

Neem oil is a natural insect repellent, and it is not toxic to humans. It has a bitter taste, which makes it even more effective in repelling pests. Neem works as both an insecticide and repellent. The plant grows in tropical regions around the world, and its seed oil can be extracted from the fruit pulp of its ripe seeds.

The active ingredient in neem oil is azadirachtin, which has been proven to have pesticide properties against several insects. Azadirachtin is an organic compound that causes insects to become disoriented and confused about their surroundings so they can’t find food or mates or lay eggs on plants where you want them not to be!

Neem oil sprays are also safe for use on plants because they’re diluted with water before application; this dilution helps prevent damage as well as keep your skin safe from exposure if you happen to get some on yourself while spraying!

These home remedies will help you have a pleasant time outdoors.

If you are looking for a natural insect repellent, these home remedies will help you have a pleasant time outdoors.

Essential Oils

Pine Needle Oil: This oil has a fresh pine scent which is said to be effective in warding off mosquitos, ticks, fleas and other insects. It can also help relieve itching from bug bites and stings. To make your own spray using this essential oil, mix 10 drops of pine needle oil with 1 cup of water in a bottle using an eye dropper or funnel. Shake well before each use.

Neem Oil Spray: Neem oil contains several active ingredients that work as insect repellents at different levels—they include azadirachtin (an organic compound), nimbin (a naturally occurring chemical found in neem tree leaves), salannin A & B (both organic compounds extracted from neem seeds) among others! While it is highly effective against many types of bugs including mosquitoes – if used correctly it is safe for children too! To make your own sprays using this mixture simply mix equal amounts of neem leaf extract powder with water before adding 5 ml each of lavender essential oil/tea tree essential oil or peppermint essential oil per liter bottle filled three quarters full followed by 10 grams citronella leaves crushed into fine pieces added last but not least fill the rest up with distilled vinegar; cover tightly immediately after mixing thoroughly until ready for use again later on down here’s what we did…

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