Home Remedies For Killing Fleas On My Dog

Fleas are an extremely annoying and dangerous pest for pet animals. They bite pets to feed on their blood, and inject a toxic saliva into the pet’s system. This saliva repels water, and can even cause the pet dog to scratch itself raw. There are various home remedies for fleas on your dog . We just bought a toy poodle puppy at eight weeks and brought him home. We noticed he had fleas — as did his mother, and her litter mates. What happened next is a story of some good thinking, and the help of some seasoned professionals, mixed with some good old fashioned home remedies for killing fleas on my dog. If you’re looking for a way to kill fleas on your dog, here are some natural home remedies for your furry friend.

Home Remedies For Killing Fleas On My Dog

How to keep fleas off your dogs naturally

  • Use lemon juice. Dabbing a little lemon juice on your dog’s coat can help repel fleas, as this natural acid is toxic to many insects.
  • Use apple cider vinegar. The acetic acid contained in apple cider vinegar has been shown to be an effective natural flea repellent for dogs and cats, but it must be applied directly onto their fur or skin; spraying it into the air won’t have much success at all!
  • Use baking soda. Baking soda may also help deter fleas by acting as an abrasive when rubbed into your dog’s fur, which will cause irritation and discomfort for any pests that come in contact with him or her! Just make sure not to overdo it—too much baking powder can actually damage their skin rather than helping fend off pests!

Flea control for dogs with apple cider vinegar

If you want to learn how apple cider vinegar can help control fleas on your dog, keep reading.

To use, simply dilute the vinegar with water and apply it all over your dog’s fur. Make sure they’re completely soaked in ACV before putting them in the tub or shower. Then let them dry off naturally. Afterward, you’ll want to give them a good brushing that gets all of the vinegar out of their fur so that they don’t ingest it while licking themselves clean! It takes about two weeks for the ACV to start working against fleas on dogs; however, there are other factors that may affect this timeframe (like temperature). The best way to apply any home remedy is by following instructions from professionals who’ve tested its effectiveness first-hand.

Kill fleas on your dog with lemon spray

  • What is the lemon spray?
  • How do I make it?
  • How often should I apply the lemon spray to my dog?
  • Why does this work?

Kill fleas on your dog with a salt bath

A salt bath is a good way to kill fleas on your dog.

  • Dissolve 1 cup of salt in 2 gallons of warm water.
  • Soak your dog in the bath for at least 10 minutes, making sure that all parts of his body come into contact with the liquid. Do not leave it on him longer than 20 minutes because he may become irritated by its effects.
  • Rinse off any remaining residue with clear water and dry him thoroughly before putting him back into his regular clothes and bedding (if you don’t want to wash those items as well).

If this method doesn’t work for you or if you have any doubts about its safety, talk to a vet about other possibilities for killing fleas on my dog

Use garlic to kill fleas on your dog

The use of garlic has been known to kill fleas and other pests for centuries. One might say it’s a tried-and-true method for ridding your pet of the annoying insects. However, there are some things you should know before administering this remedy.

First of all, if you want to use raw garlic on your dog as an insect repellant, make sure they aren’t allergic to it by doing a patch test first. This can be done by rubbing just one drop/grain of garlic oil into the skin around their ear or footpad (if they have any). If no reaction occurs within 24 hours (swelling, redness etc.) then you’re good to go!

Secondly, even though many people claim that using raw garlic is an effective way to rid pets of flea problems — especially those who don’t like chemicals — they also warn that it’s not without its risks: “Remember that dogs have a different metabolism than humans,” says Dr Paul Ehrlich from Cornell University’s College Of Veterinary Medicine in New York City . Because dogs tend to be more sensitive than humans when exposed ​to substances such as these he advises caution when giving them anything containing high doses such as raw cloves.”

There are many natural ways to keep fleas off of your dog.

There are many natural ways to keep fleas off of your dog. The most effective natural repellent is lavender essential oil, and it can be used directly on the animal or mixed with water and sprayed over the fur. If you don’t want to use just lavender, then mix together a blend for your dog using several different oils, such as citronella, eucalyptus, lemon grass and rosemary.

The next best way to kill fleas is by using herbal remedies such as neem oil or garlic cloves that have been crushed into powder form. You can rub this mixture into your dog’s coat once a week or so in order to repel fleas from their bodies without harming them in any way

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