Home remedies to get rid of rats

Most of us would prefer to live in a country house that provides enough space for the family, but what we don’t realize is sometimes our homes can be a haven for many harmful rodents who can cause diseases and other unwanted problems. Some people are terrified of rats because these animals can grow very big in size and seem to be very aggressive. If you find these rodents trying to make their way into your home then it’s time you took some action immediately. Killing them is not an easy task, but there are very effective ways to keep them away from your place or kill them easily if they enter your home. Here are some important home remedies to get rid of rats:

Home remedies to get rid of rats

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil

  • What it is: Peppermint oil (Mentha piperita) is derived from peppermint plants, and rats do not like the scent of this oil. Therefore, it makes an excellent deterrent for rats. It’s also a good option if you want to avoid using chemicals or poisons to keep rats away. To confuse and deter rodents, use a mixture of mint, castor oil and other essential oils as a spray around your home.
  • Where to buy: You can purchase peppermint oil online or at health stores in your area.
  • How to use: To get rid of rats with peppermint oil, mix 10 drops of peppermint essential oil with two cups of water in a spray bottle then spray where you have seen signs of rats or near entry points such as holes in walls or gaps under doors. Repeat the process until there are no longer signs of rat activity.
  • Other things you can use it for: Peppermint oil also repels mice and fleas, so once you’ve used it as a home remedy to get rid of rodents, you will still be able to put it to good use around the house!


Mixing crushed garlic with peppermint oil to create a DIY rat repellent is very effective at driving rats out of your home. Sprinkle the mixture in areas where rats have been seen, and they should go away. Because this remedy is made with potent ingredients, it’s important to exercise some caution when using it. Do not put the mixture on any surfaces that might be used for eating or cooking, and do not use in areas with children or pets.

Aluminum Foil or Balloons

  • Balloons or aluminum foil: We all love a good balloon party, but who knew they were also effective at scaring rats? Balloons are used to scare birds away from certain areas, and they can do the same for rats in your home. If you have balloons leftover from a party, use them to hang from the ceiling—or anywhere else where you don’t want rats to go. The best part is that the balloons can be reused for another party later on! Alternatively, if you have some aluminum foil at home, use it to cover your walls and ceilings. The shiny surface of foil will similarly scare rats and keep them away from your home!


Ammonia is deadly poison to rats if ingested, so putting a small jar of ammonia in their path can be effective. Fill the jar with ammonia and put it in a spot where you know rats are frequenting. The smell of ammonia will be tempting to the rat, who will think it is water. When the rat drinks the ammonia he will die.

Sprinkle Cayenne Pepper

Sprinkle cayenne pepper around your house. Sprinkling cayenne pepper can keep rats away from your home. If you think that a rat is in the house, sprinkle some cayenne pepper on a cotton ball and leave it in an open area to deter them from coming back. You can also use a spray bottle with water and cayenne pepper to deter them from entering through holes or small openings.[8] X Research source

Cayenne peppers are not harmful to animals or children, so there’s no need to worry about harming anyone in your family. It’s also inexpensive and readily available at most grocery stores

Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are an effective repellent for rats. It is unknown exactly why they dislike the smell, but it doesn’t really matter—the fact is that rats do seem to hate coffee grounds. That’s great news for you! All you have to do is sprinkle some around anywhere you suspect that a rat may be lurking, and it will keep them away. If you think that you can handle their presence in your home, then this may not be the remedy for you. But if you’d rather have them gone entirely, then coffee grounds can help make that happen.

You can get free or cheap coffee grounds from your nearest Starbucks or another local coffee shop! Just ask politely and I’m sure they’ll be happy to give them over.

Instant Mashed Potatoes

To use instant mashed potatoes as a rat repellent, all you need to do is sprinkle some around your house and make sure they are not eating it. We recommend using instant mashed potatoes because they smell stronger and rats dislike that smell. While the exact reason why rats dislike this smell is unclear, it may help to think of how you feel about the smell of garbage. You don’t like it either!

Potato flakes can be a great way to deter rats from coming into your home if used properly. For example, if you have a bag of potato flakes but don’t intend to use them for cooking, consider putting them in an area where rodents frequent in order to keep them away from those areas and out of your food supply.

Hairtrigger Chocolate Bar & Peanut Butter Bait

This bait is effective because rats like peanut butter and chocolate bars, but the sticky peanut butter will make it tough for them to get back out. They’ll be stuck in there for a long time, and you’ll end up with one very dead rat.

Here are some steps to prepare this bait:

  • Head to your local grocery store and pick out a couple chocolate bars that seem appealing to you. You want the bars to be strong enough so that when the rats bite into them, they can reach the inside easily without breaking the whole bar apart (think Hershey’s).
  • Now you need some peanut butter! Get something that is more on the liquid side of things (think Skippy), because then you can pour it into a bottle or cup with a small opening so that when the rat takes its first bite, it will not only get covered in peanut butter but also have clumps in its throat which will prevent it from escaping.
  • Cover a table or countertop with aluminum foil (to catch any drippings) and set traps all over—make sure they’re facing down. Don’t forget your gloves! If any of your traps catch a rat, put on another pair of gloves and use tongs or disposable chopsticks to place your live rat into an empty black garbage bag before tying off tightly near its neckline so no air escapes (you want those suckers suffocating!). Keep refreshing until all rats are gone from your home!

Ultrasonic Devices, Sonic Repellents and Rat Repellent Sound Machines

The squeak of a mouse or the rustle of a rat are not pleasant sounds. Sure, you might be used to that kind of noise by now. But it turns out that there’s an even more disturbing infestation in your home.

You see, rats and mice don’t just live in buildings. They also occupy your abode, creating a living nightmare for homeowners everywhere who have no idea what to do about the situation.

Thankfully, there is something we can do about this plague that has invaded our homes and lives: ultrasonic devices, which utilize high-frequency sound waves to drive rodents away without harming them or humans. They are safe for humans and pets if used correctly; however, they should be placed in areas with no children under the age of eight because they can cause potential hearing damage at high levels (whether they’re actually making noise or not).

These home remedies are effective in keeping rats away from your home.

In some of the ways described above, you can easily get rid of rats. However, it should be noted that if the rat infestation is very large, then you must contact a pest control service to eliminate rats from your home for good. Even when using traps or home remedies, you must be persistent and consistent with the use of these methods in order to be successful.

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