How To Catch Sand Fleas For Bait

Clearly written and illustrated guide on how to easily catch sand fleas by knowing their behavior, appearance, and habitat. Captures and photos included.

A while back, I went to the beach. You see, it was my birthday, and I wanted to do something special. Instead of lying on a towel and letting the waves lull me into a stupor all day long like any sane person, I decided to try catching sand fleas. You see, I’m not what you would call your typical beach goer. Oh sure, it is still fun to watch people come out of the ocean with their skin steaming like they’ve been basted in garlic butter and then put on the grill for a couple hours — but it ain’t for me. Instead, for me it’s more about the environment.

Sandy summer days are a perfect time for spending time at the beach. There’s just something about those grubby, salty toes. But getting to spend time in the sand can include a few hassles, like pesky sand fleas. You know, those pesky little flying things that bite while you’re lying in the sun enjoying your day. They’re creepy and they’re itchy. Don’t get me wrong — I love spending time at the beach as much as anyone. But there should be an easy way to enjoy all that is good about the beach without having to deal with those uninvited critters droning around my ankles and biting my legs while I’m trying to read a book and soak up the rays. Since I’m a working guy during the week, I can’t always make it down to the beach on weekends unless my job allows me some vacation time during spring or summer months. But when I do have that week end off, sometimes I don’t want to deal with sand fleas at home, so I must travel somewhere away from them or stay indoors if they really get bad. In other words—I’m telling you all this because there is no fun in being eaten alive by these aggressive critters

How To Catch Sand Fleas For Bait

Catching sand fleas can be a lot of fun, and it’s also a great way to get some exercise. But before you start sprinting around the beach looking for them, make sure you know what they look like and what they sound like.

Sand fleas are tiny insects that live in the sand. They have long bodies and long legs that allow them to move quickly through their sandy habitat. They have six legs on each side of their body and antennae on top of their head. The antennae are sensitive to movement in the air and help them find food. Sand fleas have segmented bodies with three parts: a head, thorax, abdomen and legs. Each segment has several small hairs called setae which help keep water out of their bodies when they’re swimming through wet sand or when water collects on top of dry sand after storms or high tides wash away some of its surface material away from where they live below ground level beneath those areas where they burrow down into deeper sand layers where they hide out until there’s enough light shining down into these hidden spaces where they’ve been hiding out all this time since those times last year when those big birds swooped overhead overhead then down onto their heads then grabbed them up from off off

Sand fleas are a common problem for beach-goers. They’re tiny, they’re annoying, and if you get one in your eye it will make you want to cry like a baby.

Luckily for you, we’ve got the best way to get rid of sand fleas once and for all:

1) Find a bucket (or any container) that’s large enough for the sand flea to fit in comfortably. We recommend using a bucket with high walls so that your sand flea can’t escape!

2) Put some water in the bottom of your bucket so that there’s enough water to cover your sand flea completely. You’ll want to make sure there’s enough room at the top of your container for air (or else your sand flea might drown!).

3) Place your sand flea into the water and wait until it stops moving. When it stops moving, take it out of the water and put it into an airtight jar or container. Seal up the jar tightly so that no other bugs can get inside!

4) Congratulations! You’ve successfully caught a sand flea! Now repeat these steps as many times as necessary until no more

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