How To Kill Winged Ants

Here’s the deal you definitely don’t wanna see. You are having a nice calm morning, enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, when all of a sudden…BAM! Winged ants show up. That can leave an indelible mark on your mood and mind leaving you thinking, “I need these flying ants gone like now.” What you need is the best way to kill flying ants in a hurry before they cause harm outside your home or invade inside reaching areas you can’t even imagine. Here are just some of the worst things that can happen if there are flying ants inside. There is nothing more disgusting than dealing with flying ants indoors. I hate them! There is a different kind of flying ants. Formica and Lasius species are the most common. Sometimes, one can even spot a winged termite called alates. Although these guys don’t sting or bite, they can make quite the mess inside your house. So, how do you get rid of the winged ants? Here are some simple steps to follow to solve the problem and stop them from returning in the future. I don’t know about you, but over the past few weeks, I have noticed a big influx of flying ants in my house. It’s a disgusting sight to see. One day I was particularly tired from work and started looking for ways to kill flying ants.

How To Kill Winged Ants


You were sitting in your living room, watching TV, when it happened: a winged ant came out of the shadows. You screamed and jumped out of your seat. Who knew that something so small could make you so terrified? After all, they’re just ants! It’s not like you don’t have a dozen ways to kill them. But this is different—this is a winged ant. Maybe you’re unsure whether or not it’s an ant at all? Or maybe you’ve heard rumors about their power, and their ability to take over the world? Whatever the reason behind your terror, we’ve got a guide for you. We’ll walk through everything from identifying these little guys to creating solutions for getting rid of them once and for all.

With Boric Acid

To make the bait, mix 1 teaspoon of boric acid powder with 2 tablespoons of corn syrup and 1 tablespoon of water. Place the mixture in a small dish and cover it with plastic wrap. Invert a second saucer over the first one to keep out moisture.

Place traps near ant trails and other areas where you have seen ants, but do not use them on surfaces where people are likely to come into contact with them (in other words, don’t put your trap on your bathroom counter).

The insects will take up residence on the trap and die there; however, if you don’t want to see dead bodies lying around during this process (which may last weeks), simply remove any corpses as they appear rather than waiting for all of them to disappear at once.

With Diatomaceous Earth

If you’re looking to use diatomaceous earth, here’s how:

  • Buy some. You can find diatomaceous earth at most hardware stores or online. It’s also available at many pool supply stores and pet supply stores. Be sure that the product you buy contains only food grade DE, which is harmless to humans and pets when used as directed. If you prefer not to buy it in person, Amazon sells many sizes of food-grade DE from different brands at reasonable prices (and they ship quickly!).
  • Follow the safety instructions on your packaging or those provided by Amazon/the manufacturer of your chosen brand of DE. Some products caution against using them on pets if they have sensitive skin or lungs; others may recommend keeping them away from children under 6 years old due to their small size and risk of ingestion. Carefully read all instructions before applying any insecticide containing diatomaceous earth for household purposes; always follow manufacturers’ instructions for safe handling practices when working with this substance!

With Borax

A variety of boric acid products are available commercially. Borax, which is a naturally occurring mineral compound, is one such product. This can be used to kill ants and prevent them from returning to your home.

However, because borax is toxic both to humans and pets, it should only be used inside the house or in outdoor areas that cannot be accessed by children or animals. In addition, the liquid form of this product should not come into contact with any part of your body (e.g., eyes) and should not touch any food items; keep all foods covered when using borax in the home so that no residue gets onto them.

To use borax effectively against winged ants you will need: 1/2 cup sugar 2 tablespoons baking soda Fresh lemon juice To mix together all ingredients until dissolved then pour into shallow dish or container where ants are seen entering house (make sure there are no cracks around where these insects may enter).

With Powdered Sugar and Boric Acid

You can use a mixture of boric acid and powdered sugar to kill winged ants. The boric acid and powdered sugar should be mixed together in a ratio of 60:40. If you have small ants, then you will need 2 tablespoons of this mixture for every cup of liquid, but if your insects are larger, then you may only need 1 tablespoon per cup. You can mix the powders together with water or any other liquid that is available, such as honey or syrup. Pour the resulting blend into small bowls and place them near where they gather or nest around your home.

The mixture will take effect after two hours but it might take up to 24 hours before all insects die once ingested by them, so repeating this treatment every day is recommended until all winged ants are gone from your home completely

There are many options to help you get rid of winged ants.

There are many options to help you get rid of winged ants.

If you want to kill the queen, then the first thing that needs to be done is locating the nest. This can be difficult as they usually build their nests outside or in hard-to-reach areas. Once you have located it, treat it with insecticidal spray designed for ants and other pests in your area (ex: boric acid). Make sure that every part of the nest is covered evenly with this treatment so none escape or come back into your home where they will continue building their colony and causing problems for years to come!

Please note that if there are young queens present at all times before winter months hit us again next year (when we won’t notice them anymore), then this method will not work for long enough periods time when we’re looking forward towards springtime coming around again here soon enough during summertime next month after today’s celebration holiday weekend arrives soon enough tomorrow afternoon during early morning hours while still being able tonight while leaving work early tomorrow evening due later tonight instead tomorrow morning after 9pm local time zone UTC -6 hrs x 12 hrs = 0600 hrs).


Now you know how to kill winged ants, whether they’re in your home or outside. Take a look at the helpful tips and techniques we’ve outlined above for getting rid of these insects!

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