How To Move A Wasp Nest Without Killing Them

Wasp nests can cause a lot of trouble around a home. The stings can be painful and dangerous.  There are several ways you can get rid of them, including killing them and removing the nest yourself. However, they’re not all equally effective or easy to do. Here’s a great overview of how you can get rid of wasps without getting stung or hurt in the process. I’ve been monitoring a wasp nest in my backyard for a while now. Every day I get stung multiple times and suffer this painful assault because watching that nest is interesting right? Sometimes I’ll see the wasps flying out to go do something or whatever it is wasps do, or have sex with each other. Today I came across an amazing blog post that actually let me know how to move wasp nests without killing them. As an added bonus when you move a wasp nest you also don’t have to worry about getting stung as much. Don’t let a wasp nest interfere with your garden. Many people are afraid to move a wasp nest because they feel that the queen will retaliate with her army of angry wasps. Not true! Follow these simple steps and you won’t become food for the hive.

How To Move A Wasp Nest Without Killing Them


The best way to move wasp nests is the easiest way: live and let live. It’s generally recommended that you allow a paper wasp nest to remain in place, as long as it isn’t causing any problems. They’re fantastic pollinators, they eat many pests, and they cause no harm to humans if left alone.

Wear Protective Clothing

  • Wear protective clothing
  • Use wasp spray to kill the wasps on the nest, or if you don’t want to kill them (not recommended) then use a wasp trap to capture them and relocate them away from your home.3

Prepare Your Escape Route

The first step to move a wasp nest without killing them is to prepare your escape route. Make sure you have an escape route planned before you attempt this procedure. You should also have someone standing by to assist in the event that things go south.

Your escape route should be mapped out and memorized so that when the time comes for you to move, you can move quickly without hesitation or second guessing yourself. You may also want to include some weapons of mass destruction in your arsenal just in case things get really bad really fast!

Prepare A Trap

First, you’ll need to prepare a trap. You can use a glass jar or plastic container with a lid; just make sure it’s large enough for the wasps to get into but small enough that they won’t be able to escape. Fill the jar ¾ full of water and put a piece of paper on top of it (to keep the wasps from drowning). Add another piece on top of your first piece (so now there are two layers) and add another one after that—you should now have four layers altogether. The next step is to put some food in there—like peanut butter or jelly—in order to attract them.

Once you’ve done all this, place your trap in an area where there are lots of wasps flying around so they’ll be attracted by its smell and go inside when they’re hungry!

Move The Nest

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Re-house The Wasps

If you are brave enough to attempt it, you can re-house the wasps in a suitable place. Make sure that it is well away from where they were and make sure it is out of the way of humans and pets. It would also be best not to disturb the nest after moving it as this will upset them and cause them to return to their old home or find somewhere else to live.

wasps sometimes need to be moved and doing so without killing them is important

You might be surprised to learn that wasps are actually beneficial insects. They help control other insect populations and can even be used for pollination. If you see a nest in your yard or home, don’t panic! Wasps are not dangerous unless you are allergic or threaten them directly.

If you want to move a wasp nest, you’ll want to do so with care: killing them will only lead to more problems later on down the line when they return looking for revenge. Fortunately there are several ways of getting rid of them without harming their beneficial qualities in any way; this article will cover three of those options in detail including how they work and what they’re best suited for so that no matter where your situation falls on the spectrum between “calmly tolerating” and “actively fearing,” there’s something here for everyone!


You have to move a wasp nest! It can be easy, but it will take some time and the right tools. Remember that the longer you wait, the worse things get. Take advantage of their natural behavior patterns by doing it during cooler hours when they’re not as active and don’t see as many threats around them. Leave enough room for all your supplies so they don’t become aggressive or defensive while being moved back into their original location after being relocated temporarily on top of another flat surface outside near where they were first sighted before destroying any nests unless absolutely necessary (such if necessary) with your safety gear on at all times until everyone has been released from inside not behind too close without disturbing too much debris or disturbing them further than need be because this could cause stinging in some cases like if you decide not too take these steps then please do so carefully but always remember that being careful does not mean risking yourself getting hurt by these insects which are potentially very dangerous to humans when provoked because everything we have discussed today is based off personal experience working professionally as well pest control technician who specialize in removing these insect pests from people’s homes safely without causing harm either party involved while following legal procedures established by government officials who set these rules place make sure companies follow them accordingly.

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