How To Remove Fleas And Ticks From Dogs

This article is going to go into detail on some of the best flea and tick medications that kill fleas, ticks, flea eggs, and larvae. With the right medication, you can get your dog back in a healthy condition. We’ll also look at where to buy them and what they cost. You love your dog and want him to be healthy and happy. Though you feed him the best, love him unconditionally, and take care of him, the fleas on dogs still make his life miserable. You start giving him those nasty chemicals for killing the fleas, but you can’t stand even touching these chemicals. What are you supposed to do now? Fleas and ticks are a significant problem in the lives of dog and cat owners. Flea infestations not only lead to expensive visits to the vet, but they can also form a serious health problem if left undealt with. Aggressive flea treatments will almost always kill the pet flea on dogs or cats, which is why it’s best to use a natural remedy that can keep fleas under control. Lots of pet dogs and cats have had problems with fleas and ticks. Next time your pet gets them, try one of the following methods. My parent’s dog recently had a tick on her and we used method number three and it worked pretty fast.

How To Remove Fleas And Ticks From Dogs


You and your dog have been on a lovely afternoon walk in the woods, but when you get home you’re horrified to find that some ticks have hitched a ride with your pooch. Or maybe fleas have taken up residence in her fur. Or perhaps she’s brought both of these pests back from the park. Regardless, it’s time to take action: here are some methods for getting rid of the tiny freeloaders before they take over your house!

Don’t skip bathing your dog.

Bathing is the first step in removing fleas and ticks from your dog. It removes all existing fleas and ticks, as well as their eggs, from the hair of your dog. This will help to prevent future infestations by allowing you to wash away any eggs that may be on your furry friend’s skin or fur.

Bathing can be done with either water or a shampoo designed specifically for killing parasites. Hot water will help kill off any remaining parasites so make sure not to use cold water when bathing! Some people prefer using medicated shampoos because they contain ingredients that kill off fleas and ticks while also being gentle enough not to irritate sensitive skin or cause allergic reactions in dogs (if you have an allergy-prone pooch).

Consider a medicated shampoo or flea dip.

You can also dip your dog in a medicated shampoo or flea dip to kill the fleas and ticks. Flea dips are particularly helpful for dogs that don’t enjoy baths, as they’re sprayed onto their skin instead of immersed in water.

Some medicated shampoos and flea dips are available over the counter at pet stores, while others require a prescription from your veterinarian (you can have them mail it to you).

Use a flea comb.

A flea comb is an inexpensive tool you can use to remove fleas and ticks from your dog. It’s easy to use, safe for your pet, and a good alternative to chemicals.

First, use the fine-toothed side of the comb to brush through their fur carefully (you don’t want to pull out any hairs). If nothing comes out at first, repeat this step until you see some insects on the teeth of your flea comb. Once you find them, pick them off with tweezers or by hand so they don’t get back into your dog’s coat.

Make sure to treat your environment.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, it’s also important to treat your environment. This includes your yard, home and car. Treating your yard with a flea spray is recommended in order to protect your dog from picking up fleas when he or she goes outside. It’s also recommended that you apply a flea repellent to the baseboards of your home and treat any areas where he or she sleeps (i.e., bedding). And finally, using an insect treatment on their collar will help keep ticks off their bodies while out in the woods or grassy areas where they’re likely to be exposed as well.

Monitor your dog diligently for new ticks and fleas following any treatment you administer.

Once you have flea and tick prevention in place, it is important to monitor your dog diligently for new ticks and fleas following any treatment you administer.

Check him daily for fleas and ticks. Check the coat, under the armpits, in the ears and around the anus. Check his environment as well. If you find a tick, remove it carefully by grasping its head with tweezers and pulling straight out. Do NOT twist or squeeze because this can inject more mouthparts into your pet’s skin which will make him itch more if they become engorged with blood (the black body of a mature tick). If you find a flea on your dog or in his bedding or yard (if allowed outdoors), remove it as quickly as possible—fleas transmit tapeworm larvae when they bite!

Ask your vet for advice and be diligent in monitoring and treating your dog.

Ask your vet for advice and be diligent in monitoring and treating your dog.

  • Monitor your dog. Fleas like to hide on the lower part of a dog’s body, so check between the toes, tail base and anus area. If you spot any fleas or ticks, remove them with a flea comb or tweezers (the kind you use to pluck eyebrows).
  • Treat your dog’s bedding and toy collection regularly with a pesticide spray such as Frontline Plus. This will kill adult fleas before they lay eggs that hatch into tiny larvae that live in carpeting or furniture fabrics until exposed to light again (at which point they grow into full-size adults). You can also treat rugs by putting them out in direct sunlight for 15 minutes; this method works well if you have hardwood floors underneath where there might be larvae hiding out waiting for their chance at becoming adults again!


There are plenty of other ways to kill fleas and ticks on your dog, but we hope this article has given you some good options for preventing and treating these pests. If you have any questions about which approach is best for your situation, ask your veterinarian. The most important thing is to be diligent in monitoring and treating your dog. We recommend combing every day, not just after treatment!

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