How To Use Bed Bug Interceptors

How To Use Bed Bug Interceptors

Bed bug interceptors are devices designed to capture bed bugs in a home or business. They function as an additional layer of protection among the other bed bug control solutions. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of, but interceptors provide an extra safeguard when it comes to eliminating these pests from your life and home or business. There are several things to know about how to use bed bug interceptors, which will provide peace of mind knowing they’re trapping the likes of Cimex lectularius so they can’t cause further harm.

Bed bug interceptors are a necessity for preventing the spread of bed bugs in a hotel or hostel. These useful devices play an essential role in preventing the penetration of bed bugs into other rooms when there’s an infestation. If you’re looking to purchase interceptors, there’s a comparison chart to help you make an educated decision along with tips on how to get the most out of these devices.

How To Use Bed Bug Interceptors

Bed Bug Interceptors

You’ve probably heard of bed bugs and how they can be a serious problem. If you’ve ever had bed bugs, you know how difficult they are to get rid of. That’s where the Bed Bug Interceptor comes into play. This product is unlike any other on the market, because it uses a unique product material that prevents bed bugs from entering your home. The product quality is also unmatched by other products on the market today.

What Is The Bed Bug Interceptor?

The Bed Bug Interceptor is a device that mounts under your mattress and intercepts bed bugs before they get into your home. It’s designed to prevent entry from all angles and keep bed bugs from entering your home or business premises. It does this by using a unique design that prevents any type of insect from getting inside. The product quality is unmatched by any other device on the market today, which means that it will last for years instead of months like most other products do when used incorrectly (which happens more often than not).

Bed Bug Interceptors are a unique and effective way to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home. They’re made of a special material that allows you to use them safely under your bed, where most bed bug infestations begin. Bed Bug Interceptors are also designed to trap any bugs that may enter your home through the interceptor rather than letting them escape back into your bed.

Bed Bug Interceptors are made from a high-quality material that is durable enough to withstand being used under a heavy mattress but also flexible enough to move with the weight of a person on top of it.

How To Use Bed Bug Interceptors

A bug interceptor is a simple device used to verify and monitor a bed bug infestation. Bug interceptors take advantage of the fact that bed bugs are not good at climbing slippery, vertical surfaces. The device consists of a plastic dish that’s big enough to set under a bedpost. In addition, an outer “moat” device can be used to capture the bed bugs. The interceptor moat has vertical or almost vertical sides, making it difficult or impossible for the bed bugs to climb. These bed bug traps are sometimes called bed bug pitfall traps.

Place bed bug interceptor cups under your bed posts. Be sure your bed isn’t touching the wall or any furniture. If dust ruffles or bedspreads touch the floor, the bed bugs will climb up those non-slippery linens, making your bed bug interceptor traps less effective.

You can also place bed bug interceptor cups under sofas and upholstered or wicker furniture where bed bugs hide. Bed bugs are very mobile and may be living in other areas of your home besides your bedroom.

Bed bug interceptors are usually sold in a 4-pack- one interceptor for each bed leg. To install the interceptors, simply lift the bed leg and place the interceptor underneath the bed leg in the innermost ring.

Keep in mind that if your bed frame is a different shape from the interceptor inner ring or, if your bed leg is just too large for the interceptor, the product will not work.

They do make “XL” sized interceptors that have an area of 7″x5″ which should accomodate most bed legs.

If your bed frame uses a long slab of wood to hold it up, then you can try using tape instead of a bed bug interceptor. A strong double-sided tape should be enough to trap any bed bug that tries to walk up it.

The main downside of tape is it will be more difficult to check for activity since you’ll need to look under the bed, and getting rid of stuck bed bugs will be more difficult.

Make sure that nothing is underneath the bed that can create a climbing bridge into the bed for the bugs. Remove the bed skirt if you have one and make sure that you keep all blankets and sheets tucked under your feet at night to prevent them from falling to the floor and creating a bridge.

Bed bugs will use anything that allows them to reach the structure of the bed. Also, be sure to move the bed at least 1 foot from the wall and any surrounding furniture since the bugs may try and climb up the wall and fall into the bed.

List Of How To Use Bed Bug Interceptors

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