Insecticide For Maize Stem Borer

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Crop losses to maize stem borers are severe throughout east and southern Africa, with maize being grown on over 80 percent of the agricultural land. The use of insecticides may be cost-effective in some cases depending upon levels of infestation and associated damage. However, insecticide resistance is a persistent problem, especially among stem borers and other pests such as the black cutworm, fall armyworm and aphids. Check out the Insecticide For Maize Stem Borer and the biological control of maize stem borer and best pesticide for stem borer.
Therefore management strategies should always include recommended cultural practices, integrated pest management and biological control. Twenty insecticides have been approved for use against stem borers; however only three – carbofuran, chlorpyrifos/diazinon and endosulfan – are active against all stages of maize stem borers. Control can be improved greatly by combining tactics such as plant spacing, plant type or cultivars with various types of physical barriers such as row covers around plantings or a controlled water supply where necessary. Insecticide choice depends on mode of action, cost per hectare and whether resistance has developed locally.

The maize stem borer is a major pest in maize production. The insect damages the maize plant by boring into the stem and feeding on the inner tissue of the plant. This causes the plant to wilt, turn yellow and eventually die.

Insecticide for maize stem borer should be applied when adult moths are present in large numbers in fields. The insecticide should be sprayed on all plants, especially those that are infested with maize stem borers. Insecticides containing lambda-cyhalothrin or imidacloprid are most effective against this pest.

Insecticide For Maize Stem Borer

The stem borer (Chilo partellus Swinhoe) is one of the most destructive pests of maize crop. Research experimentations were carried out on maize to control stem borer using conventional pesticides under field condition during summer season of two consecutive years from 2015 to 2016 at Rampur, Chitwan. All used pesticides had significant effect (P≤0.05) on percent damage and crop yield over control. In 2015, the lower percent damage (5.3%) with higher crop yield (4.52 t ha-1) and lowest insect score (1.00) was observed in plot sprayed with spinosad 45% EC at 0.5 ml L-1 of water followed by plot treated with chloropyriphos 50% EC+cypermethrin 5% EC @1.5ml L-1 of water with percent damage of 6.60%, crop yield (4.23 t ha-1) and insect score of 1.60. Almost similar trend of insect incidence along with damage percentage and yield data were observed in 2016. The higher percent damage control (79.06%) was observed at the plot sprayed after spinosad 45% EC at 0.5 ml L-1 of water with higher crop yield (4.58 t ha-1) and lowest insect score (1.00) followed by the plot treated with imidacloprid 17.8% @ 0.5 ml L-1 of water with percent damage control of 73.10 %, crop yield (3.38 t/ha) and insect sore 1.50. The highest percent damage (20.63%) was observed in the control plot with lower yield (0.95 t ha-1) and highest insect score (6.00). Over the years, spinosad 45% EC at 0.5 ml L-1 of water was effective bio-pesticide to control maize stem borer damage and also increase the yield.

biological control of maize stem borer

The maize stem borer, also known as the maize shoot borer, is a major pest of maize crops. This insect can cause serious damage to corn plants and significantly reduce crop yields. The most effective way to control this pest is through the use of insecticides.

Insecticides are often classified based on their active ingredient. For example, pyrethroids are a type of insecticide that has been shown to be effective at controlling the maize stem borer. Pyrethroid insecticides differ from other types of insecticides in that they are light-sensitive meaning that they break down in sunlight, which allows them to be used in greenhouses or fields where there may be significant sunlight exposure. These products are also low toxicity to mammals and birds so they can be used safely around people and animals alike.

Pyrethroid products should be applied before adult moths emerge from the soil and begin laying their eggs on shoots where they will hatch into larvae which will then bore into growing kernels (seed kernels) causing damage which may lead to reduced yield or even total destruction of crops depending on severity of infestation (number/size).

best pesticide for stem borer


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Insecticide for maize stem borer

Maize stem borers are one of the most destructive pests of maize in Kenya. They cause significant losses to farmers every year. The adults attack the leaves, which causes holes and defoliation. The larvae feed on the stems of young plants, causing significant loss of growth and vigour. The maize plant is unable to support its own weight, causing it to fall over before maturity and produce no grain. The economic impact of these losses has been estimated at Kshs400 million annually.

The insecticide used for control of maize stem borer is Carbofuran 0.5% WP in water soluble bags. It is applied as a foliar spray once per week at a rate of 1-2kg per hectare until the end of flowering stage when the crop is ready for harvest (4-6 sprays).

Carbofuran 0.5% WP can only be used as an insecticide against maize stem borers and should not be used on any other crop or plant species unless specifically recommended by an agricultural extension officer or agronomist.

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