Louisiana Cockroaches

Louisiana, the Pelican State and home to all kinds of creepy crawlers.  From crawfish and crabs to cockroaches, gators and the occasional hurricane, Louisiana is a special place all on its own.  With thousands of species of animals, arachnids, insects and bugs reported in the state, it is one of the best places to spot rare varieties like the pseudo scorpion; even better it’s right in your own backyard!

When you think of Louisiana, you think fun and excitement, but did you realize there is also a wide variety of cockroaches that call Louisiana home? There are five common species of cockroaches in Louisiana and they are the American Cockroach, Smoky Brown Cockroach, and Brown Banded Cockroach. Three out of the four types are pretty similar to an extent.

With Louisiana’s tortuous summer temperatures, the idea of cockroaches hiding in every crevice of your home can be a scary thought. With the following suggestions, you can rid yourself of these pesky pests.

I love cockroaches. I’m not alone in this, so let me explain why I love them so much. Well, first of all, I’m an entomologist at a university in Louisiana and cockroaches are the heart and soul of my lab. But more than that, I just can’t imagine the world without roaches; they’re a key part of our ecosystem here in Louisiana, where they form a vital food source for many other critters. But that’s not all. Cockroaches (order: Blattodea) are big, they’re relatively unique, and we’re studying their physiology to see how they might be used beyond being food for other animals.

Louisiana Cockroaches

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The Cockroach Papers: A Compendium of History and Lore
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