Male Or Female Bed Bug

Male and female bed bugs differ not only in their gender but also size, color, and where they are located on the human body.

They’re one of the most dreaded household pests: bed bugs. When you think of them, you automatically imagine those tiny red welts that pop up on your skin after a good night’s sleep on your comfy mattress. They’re also small and come from a family of bugs that have become associated with filth—not at all the type of thing you want to be close to or in your home. But, yes, for all their bad boy looks and bedroom roaming, bed bugs actually have a male and female version of themselves. Wondering what types they are and what they look like? Here’s a brief guide to male vs. female bed bugs that could bring their species right out of the shadows!

Male and female insects have different component in the reproductive process. Thus male and female insects are completely different from each other.

Knowing the difference between males and females can help you to avoid being hitched with the wrong guy or gal. It can also be helpful information when planning a family.

Male Or Female Bed Bug

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Do you have bed bugs?

If you do, you’re not alone. The problem is that it’s not always easy to tell if your house is infested with these little critters. They can be hard to spot—and their bites are usually painless and often go unnoticed by their victims (you).

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