Marching Ants

March of the ants song! March of the ants song! March of the ants song! My little dog has no nose, March of the ants song! Here is a link to this very catchy tune:

The March of the Ants song is a camp fire sing along. The lyrics and music are written by Dan Bern and are on his CD, ”Words of Wisdom”. In addition to the traditional camp fire setting there is also a more modern version – a rock group singing at a concert.

Chorus: Oh, an ant can do so much more than you think, And by the way they march all in a line. No matter how slow they go. An ant can do so much more than you think, And by the way they march all in a line. For I saw them go all in a line, Hooray! Hooray!

A fun song with ants marching in rhythm over a groovy drum beat. The song has a little pause for the child to fill in where the ant should march next. I would love to sing this for an early childhood classroom. There is no video or image, only audio.

This is an interpretation of a song based on the life cycle of ants. I have taught the song to students and teachers and it is a big hit with students.

Marching Ants

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