Mosquito Repellent Wearable

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Mosquito repellents don’t have to be those nasty sprays that smell terrible and can make you feel ill. Repellent garments are the way of the future and will help drive down the spread of horrid diseases like Zika, Malaria, West Nile Virus and Dengue Fever.

Mosquito repellent wearable sounds like a joke, a concept that can only exist in that place where ideas cross breed in a very strange manner. However, this project is real, and it has the potential of changing people’s lives for the better.

Mosquito off is an effective and safe wearable device having natural mosquito repellent for women, men and kids which is not harmful for your health. This is not another odorless Mosquito Repellent but can be a smart solution of keeping away from the Mosquitoes.

The researchers at the University of California, Irvine have developed a wearable mosquito repellent which can help protect against insect bites. The system works by diverting the attention of mosquitoes by imitating human aromas. The system was tested with great success in laying off mosquito bites.

Mosquito Repellent Wearable

Mosquito Repellent Wearable

It’s finally here! We’ve been working on this product for a while, and now it’s finally available to all of you.

This is a unique piece of clothing that will keep the mosquitoes away from your body for up to 6 hours. It’s made from quality materials and is comfortable to wear, so you can wear it all day long without it being a bother.

Mosquito Repellent Wearable has been tested rigorously by our staff to ensure its effectiveness and safety, and we’re confident in its ability to help you enjoy your time outdoors without getting bitten by mosquitoes.

Mosquito Repellent Wearable

This new mosquito repellent wearable is the latest in quality products for your protection and comfort.

The material is made from 100% cotton, so it’s safe for you and the environment.

The device works by emitting a pleasant scent that keeps mosquitoes away. It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear, so you can enjoy your time outside without worrying about getting bitten!

You’ll love this product because it:

1) Keeps mosquitoes away while you’re enjoying your time outdoors

2) Is made from a quality material that is safe for both you and the environment

list of Mosquito Repellent Wearable

Cliganic 10 Pack Mosquito Repellent Bracelets, DEET-Free Waterproof Bands
Price : $9.99 ($1.00 / Count)
Features :

  • DEET-Free, Made With Essential Oils – Our repellent bracelets are made with essential oils: Geraniol Oil, Lemongrass Oil and Citronella Oil. Essential oils have been found to repel mosquitoes.
  • 10 Resealable Bags – Each mosquito repellent bracelet is individually wrapped in a resealable bag, keeping it fresh and increase the life span.
  • One Size Fits All – Cliganic repellent bracelets are fully adjustable, stretchy and easily fits.
  • Perfect For Outdoor, Waterproof – Best for indoor, outdoor and travel. Keep it together with your picnic backpack accessories. Enjoy the outdoors without worrying about pesky mosquito bites.
  • Cliganic 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Risk Free

Additional Info :

Color Assorted Colors
Item Dimensions
Height 4.5 Inches
Width 5.3 Inches
Length 5.8 Inches
Thermacell MR300 Portable Mosquito Repeller, Green; Effective Mosquito Repellent; Includes 12 Hours of Refills; No Spray, No DEET, No Open Flame; Scent-Free Bug Spray Alternative
Price : $19.97
Features :

  • TURN IT ON… MOSQUITOES GONE: Thermacell Portable Mosquito Repellent creates a 15-foot zone of protection against mosquitos. Ideal for camping, fishing, hunting, spectator sports, DIY and more
  • HEAT-ACTIVATED: No cords or batteries. Powered by a safe and compact 12-hour fuel cartridge (included), repel without smoke, flames, or citronella. Not a messy trap or gimmicky sonic. Independently tested. EPA reviewed for safety & effectiveness
  • LONG-LASTING DEFENSE: Unscented repellent mats (3 included) last up to 4 hours each and change color when time to refill. No mess, no DEET, no spray, and no on-skin chemicals make Thermacell a better solution. Refills and accessories available
  • NATURE-INSPIRED REPELLENT: Our active ingredient is based on naturally occurring repellents found in plants. We’ve harnessed its power to fight the toughest mosquitoes on earth (including in your campsite)
  • THERMACELL GUARANTEE: Extend your warranty to two years with registration (automatic 1-year warranty included). Developed and Tested at our New England based R&D center. We stand by our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Additional Info :

Color Green
Item Dimensions
Height 2 Inches
Width 3 Inches
Length 7.6 Inches
Weight 0.4 Pounds
Portable Ultrasonic Mosquito Repell-ent, Electronic Pe st Repell-er with Carry Clip, Indoor Outdoor Pest Con-trol for Mosquitoes Fly Flea Insects (2 Packs)
Price : $22.99
Features :

  • 【All Day Protection】 This clever ultrasonic pest repell-er protects you during any activity, as a portable device, The size is only 2.24×1.7×0.63inch; 150 hours of long-lasting battery life, whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re going, keep your whole family protected together.
  • 【One-key Operation】 Pest repell-er with LED status indicator to let you know Ultrasonic are working. Press and hold the power button for 0.9s to turn on or off. When working, the light flashes every 3.7s. Con-trol the switch with a simple button. After starting up, automatic timing is 7.3 hours automatic shutdown.
  • 【Friendly for Human/Pets】 This portable ultrasonic insect repell-ent is a frequency conversion design, The use of ultrasonic waves to continuously change the frequency, stimulate the hearing system and nervous system of pest to keep them away from this area. Ultrasound only affects specific organisms! Pure physical ultrasonic mosquito repell-ent is safe and quiet for child/the aged/pets.
  • 【Portable & Stylish】 Back clip and hanging hole design. Easy to carry, perfect for outdoor sports, yoga, running, fitness, etc. Compact and unique design with a convenient holder will fit any backpack and clothing. Applicable to various scenarios: sleep, travel, picnic, mother and baby, home, pet safe.
  • 【Service & Guarantee】Our products are safe and reliable, and won’t hurt you or even the pest, it will just make them stay away from you. Since our goal is to help you get rid of those pests.

Additional Info :

Color 2 packs
Superband Mosquito Repellent Bracelets for Adults & Kids - Pack of 25 - Long Lasting, Natural Bug and Insect Repellent Bracelet - Waterproof, Individually Wrapped, Deet-Free Bands - Yellow
Price : $22.99 ($0.92 / Count)
Features :

  • NON TOXIC & DEET FREE – Our bug repellent bracelets are 100% deet-free and made completely from natural ingredients. Safely wear these mosquito bands on any adventure from swimming, hiking, or camping!
  • NON TOXIC & DEET FREE – Our bug repellent bracelets are 100% deet-free and made completely from natural ingredients. Safely wear these mosquito bands on any adventure from swimming, hiking, or camping!
  • HIGH QUALITY – These mosquito repellent bands are infused with a blend of geraniol, lemongrass, and citronella oils to maximize effectiveness. Proven to be safe bracelets for adults, kids, and even pets.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL – Finally, a mosquito bracelet that fits everyone in the family! These wristbands have a fully adjustable coiled band, stretchy enough to wear comfortably on your wrist or ankle.
  • LONG LASTING – Each mosquito repellent bracelet is individually wrapped in a resealable bag, keeping it fresh and increasing its lifespan. You’ll receive over 250 hours of protection with each band!
  • OUTDOOR PROTECTION – Shield yourself from itchy bites with these mosquito repellent bracelets for kids and adults. These waterproof wristbands are great for any activity from the backyard, to the beach, to the forest!

Additional Info :

Color Yellow
Price : $19.50 ($19.50 / Count)
Features :

  • EASY TO USE: PARA’KITO Pellets diffuse a unique blend of natural essential oils that effectively mask the scents of your breath & body, making it harder for mosquitoes to find you. Super simple, super effective!
  • WATERPROOF & REFILLABLE: All day, all zones, all climates! Whether you are strolling through a forest or snoozing on a tanning bed, PARA’KITO wristbands provide constant protection for 15 days per refillable pellet (2 pellets Included).
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZING: This cool & comfy neoprene wristband has an easy-to-adjust hook and loop closure for both kids & adults, & comes in a wide range of colors and patterns allowing you to blend safety with style. If you can’t choose just one, wear two.
  • FUN & STYLISH PROTECTION: Worn around the wrist or ankle, you & your wristband will soon be the best of friends, & if you can’t bear to be apart, pop it by your bed at night for buzz-free bliss.
  • NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS: Sourced from the best natural essential oils & ingredients worldwide, PARA’KITO is always DEET Free.

Additional Info :

Color Dark Explorer
Item Dimensions
Height 6.87 Inches
Width 4 Inches
Length 1.75 Inches

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