Mosquito Repellent Wipes

Mosquito Repellent Wipes are designed for use before and during outdoor activities to help prevent mosquito bites for up to eight hours. Each wipe is made with 100 mg of DEET, the ingredient recommended by the Centers for Disease Control to help prevent mosquito bites. Mosquito Repellent Wipes are unique in the fact that they are effective against mosquitoes that may carry the West Nile Virus without being harsh on your skin.

When I heard about mosquito repellent wipes, it seemed like such a good idea. Who would want to rub a dead bug all over themselves? What could go wrong?

There’s nothing worse than being outside enjoying nature, only to be chased home by mosquitoes. After some serious internet research, I found an affordable yet strong natural — and safe — mosquito repellent.

I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s breeding season for mosquitoes. You see them in your backyard, around the neighborhood, at the park and even on campouts. It seems like they’re just multiplying and worse yet, some areas of the country are being affected by West Nile Virus making the fight against mosquitoes all the more important. I’ve been testing out a different product that I feel has great potential and figured I’d write a quick review.

Did you know mosquitoes are attracted to humans primarily for our smell ? The way we smell, the natural scents we give off and even the clothes that we wear. These are what the bugs are effectively tracking with their radiated sensors.

Mosquito Repellent Wipes

Mosquito Repellent Wipes

Mosquito repellent wipes are a unique, quality product. They are made of quality materials that provide maximum comfort when using them. They are easy to use and can be applied directly on the skin.

Mosquito Repellent Wipes

The only thing worse than getting bitten by mosquitoes is when you can’t get rid of the itch.

Mosquito Repellent Wipes are here to help! It’s a quality product made with quality materials, so you can use it to fend off those pesky blood-suckers without worrying about your skin.

We know you’re busy, so we’ve made it easy for you to keep your family safe from mosquitoes.

With our new Mosquito Repellent Wipes, you don’t even have to think about it. Just wipe down your kids and yourself with these easy-to-use wipes (available in both adult and child sizes) and get on with your day!

We make sure every step of our production process is done right so that you can be confident in the quality of our product. Our wipes are made with high-quality materials that will last through multiple uses, so you can keep them on hand for whenever your family needs them.

list of Mosquito Repellent Wipes

OFF! Botanicals Deet-Free Insect Repellent Wipes, Plant-Based Mosquito Repellent, 10 Count Individually Wrapped Wipes
Price : $6.49 ($0.65 / Count)
Features :

  • OFF! Botanicals Insect Repellent Towelettes effectively repels mosquitoes, black flies, gnats and no-see-ums
  • Made with a plant-based active ingredient and contains no added dyes
  • Towelette allows for easy application and won’t damage clothing or gear
  • Proven to protect from mosquitoes* (Every OFF! brand insect repellent is evaluated to prove it repels mosquitoes when used as directed)
  • Repels mosquitoes that may carry West Nile virus

Additional Info :

Color Orange
Item Dimensions
Height 5.44 Inches
Width 3.94 Inches
Length 1.34 Inches
Weight 0.01 Pounds
Release Date 2018-02-05T00:00:01Z
OFF! Deep Woods Mosquito and Insect Repellent Wipes, Long lasting, 12 Individually Wrapped Wipes
Price : $11.04 ($0.92 / Count)
Features :

  • Insect repellent wipes that protect from mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, gnats and chiggers
  • Provides long-lasting mosquito protection for up to 8 hours
  • Mosquito repellent that contains 25% DEET
  • Repels mosquitoes that may carry Zika, Dengue, or West Nile viruses
  • Each box includes 12 individually wrapped Towelettes
  • Long lasting protection from mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, gnats, chiggers and fleas
  • 12 individually wrapped towlettes
  • Convenient to toss in your car, purse, backpack or wallet
  • Won’t dry easily

Additional Info :

Color Na
Item Dimensions
Height 5.44 Inches
Width 3.94 Inches
Length 1.38 Inches
Weight 0.1 Pounds
Release Date 2005-05-01T00:00:01Z
Aunt Fannie
Price : $8.99 ($0.90 / Count)
Features :

  • Effective mosquito wipes for the body, without spills or spray drifting into eyes and mouth
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Up to 4 hours of protection; safe for anyone 6 months and older when used as directed
  • Powered by essential oils including peppermint, lemongrass, cedarwood, geranium, and citronella
  • Perfect for travel; goes on more like a dry body oil than a water-based wipe

Additional Info :

Color Single Pack, 10 Wipes
Item Dimensions
Height 5 Inches
Width 4 Inches
Length 3 Inches
Weight 0.15 Pounds
Release Date 2019-01-18T00:00:01Z
Price : $20.33 ($0.85 / Count)
Features :

  • LONG LASTING PROTECTION – Provides up to 8 hours of protection from mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas, chiggers, no-see-ums, and more. Helps to safeguard you and your children from bites that may cause infectious diseases.
  • FAST & EASY APPLICATION – With these wipes you don’t have to worry about getting bug spray everywhere and in the air. You can easily apply it directly to the precise location of your choice with the exact amount of your choice. They also make it much easier to apply on your children who have the tendency to move around just as you are attempting to spray.
  • PORTABLE LIGHTWEIGHT & TSA APPROVED – These wipes are small & individually wrapped making it easy to carry as many as you like in your bag, purse, wallet, briefcase, glove-box, or even your pocket. No bulky container and you can feel free that you’ll have no spills like with a typical bug spray. When traveling by plane, you no longer have to be concerned with TSA liquid limits with your carry-on either. And it allows storage room for other important items.
  • PLEASANT FEEL & ODOR – These wipes are water-based vs alcohol-based. It doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy feel and has a not-so-strong pleasant odor
  • QUANTITY – Comes with 2 packs of 12 individually wrapped wipes for a total or 24 wipes.

Additional Info :

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