Natural Pest Control For Gardens

Farms and orchards that use natural pest control methods generally see far less damage to their crops. This is due to the fact that they recognize that using forced chemical treatments — whether through the use of pesticide sprays, or an artificially high level of nitrogen in the soil to create a resistant crop — is an unnatural way of growing crops or raising livestock. Nature has been providing pest control and natural defenses against insects, diseases and other threats since the beginning of time. Our garden pest control is an environmentally friendly way – and actually it’s a complementary to chemical prevention. Using natural pesticides in our garden space and effective organic methods is easy…as long as we understand how they work.

Natural Pest Control For Gardens

What is Organic Pest Control?

Organic pest control is all about using natural or organic products, or creating your own natural pest control products. The goal of organic pest control is to use products that are safe for humans and animals.

The term “organic” refers to the way in which a product was farmed or made. In the case of pest control, it means that the method used does not involve synthetic chemicals (or even non-synthetic chemicals). While some people may be wary of using anything artificial at all, many people now prefer to use more environmentally friendly alternatives if they can.

Organics Pest Control Methods:

There are many natural pest control methods that you can try in your garden. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Crop rotation and companion planting
  • Using beneficial insects
  • Using diatomaceous earth
  • Using garlic and chives
  • Using hot pepper spray
  • Using insecticidal soap *
  • * *
  • Neem oil (lasts longer than other botanical oils)

Do-It-Yourself Organic Pest Control Solutions (some of these can also be bought):

Here are some do-it-yourself organic pest control solutions.

  • Keep the garden clean. Remove slugs and snails by hand, as they can cause big damage to your plants. Do not use chemical pesticides on soil, as these are harmful to earthworms and other beneficial insects. Instead, use a garlic spray or other organic pesticide that you can make yourself at home (see the next section for recipes).
  • Keep the garden free of weeds and debris so that pests don’t have places to hide or find food sources in your plants’ roots.
  • Don’t over water your garden if you notice that there’s an insect problem currently going on; instead, let most plants dry out between watering days so that any insects hiding in them die off faster when exposed again later on down the road! This also helps prevent mold growth which attracts more bugs into coming back after being cleared out once before already…and then you’re stuck with something worse than originally planned.”

General Insect Repellents and Insecticides (some of these can also be bought):

  • General Insect Repellents and Insecticides (some of these can also be bought):
  • Molasses – add a cupful of molasses to a bucket of water. Spray on affected areas.
  • Eucalyptus – plant eucalyptus trees around the garden to deter bugs.

Good pest control for gardens is not easy.

The best pest control for your garden is to have healthy soil. Healthy soil contains all the nutrients that plants need and can resist many pests. Soil should be tested regularly, and the results used to determine the amount of fertilizer or amendments that might be needed. If you have an existing problem with pests, it’s best to start with organic methods such as beneficial insects and natural repellents before resorting to chemical controls which can poison beneficial organisms as well as pests.

There are many different types of pests which attack gardens: insects, weeds, fungi, animals (including people), birds and rodents all cause problems in various ways; this article will describe some of these causes individually while also describing some general methods of controlling them

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