Natural Pest Control For Mice

Getting sick and tired of field mice in your house? They’re uninvited houseguests, squealing and squeaking, creating a nuisance that can drive you crazy. Don’t feel like visiting a pest control company to get them eliminated? Here’s an inexpensive do-it-yourself solution using commonly found items around the home. There are many steps you can take to prevent a mouse infestation from occurring. However, once mice have moved onto your property or business, there are steps you should take to help get rid of them for good. The following article offers several tips for how to get rid of mice using natural methods and organic repellents. It is important to look at what you can do before the mice arrive so that they will not be able to invade in the first place.

Natural Pest Control For Mice

Natural Pest Control For Mice

Mice are a common problem in both homes and businesses. These rodents can carry diseases, cause damage to property and food sources, and spread disease by contaminating food with their feces or urine. Natural Pest Control For Mice

While mice can be killed by various methods of extermination, it is important to consider your options before destroying the tiny creatures. Other methods include using mouse deterrents around your home that will keep the rodents away from your valuables.


  • Place peppermint oil in a spray bottle and spray around your home.
  • Place peppermint tea bags in areas where mice are known to live, such as behind the washing machine or refrigerator.
  • Put fresh pieces of peppermint on the floor near baseboards, in spaces under furniture and along walls where mice tend to travel. Replace every few days or when they lose their smell.
  • You can also plant mint around your property as it will deter mice from entering your home in search of food without harming them directly.


Mothballs are small balls made of chemicals that are used to kill moths, larvae, and other pests. They can be toxic to pets or children in high amounts, so it’s best not to use them if you have any furry friends running around your house.


  • You can use ammonia to clean your house, but not the kitchen.
  • Ammonia is poisonous to rodents and it gets rid of mice by making them feel unwelcome in your home. Placing a bowl of ammonia in areas where you have seen mice will help get rid of them. The smell of ammonia will make them leave the area and they won’t return as long as you continue to place a bowl of ammonia there. Don’t place the bowl near food or water, though, because this could contaminate either one and cause serious health problems for people who consume it (including children).

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a hot spice that can help keep mice out of your home. Sprinkle it on areas where you have seen mouse activity, such as under cabinets or near the baseboards. Replace the cayenne pepper every few days for maximum effectiveness. Using cayenne pepper in combination with other natural pest control methods (i.e., setting traps) is also highly effective at driving away mice and keeping them from returning to a certain area in the future.

Using all of these items in different ways can help you control your mice problem.

Now that you know what can be used to control mice, it’s time to look at how these items should be used.

The first thing you need to do is decide which of the following methods will work best for your situation:

  • Using traps alone
  • Using bait and traps together
  • Using repellents alone (not recommended)
  • Using repellents with other methods

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