Natural Pesticide For Raspberries

When choosing a pesticide, you may want to consider homemade remedies. Rather than adding yet another chemical to the environment, home remedies such as baking soda and vinegar can help you out when trying to fight raspberry bugs. When it comes to growing raspberries near your house, you’ll want to prevent the fruit from developing problems. The good news is that sometimes raspberries can be more resistant than others, although there’s a wide variety of pests and diseases that will attack the plants. Here are a few ideas for natural pesticide for raspberries and how to use them.

Natural Pesticide For Raspberries

Caustic Soft Soap

If you have a healthy and thriving raspberry patch, the first thing to do is spray a solution of caustic soft soap on your bushes. Make sure that you use a soft soap that is made from potassium hydroxide. If you don’t have any, ask your local gardening store or supermarket!

Spray the plants in the morning when it’s sunny out.

Baking Soda and Insecticidal Soap

Baking soda is a natural fungicide and insecticidal soap is a good insecticide. Baking soda and insecticidal soap are both effective at controlling raspberry mites, which can be extremely damaging to raspberries.


Garlic is a natural fungicide and can be used to prevent the fruit from fungal infections. It is not effective against fruit rot, however, but it can also be used as a general purpose fungicide to treat other plants with similar problems.

On raspberries:

Garlic is typically applied when the buds are about to open. In order for garlic’s effect on raspberry plants to take place, make sure you apply at least 1 clove of garlic per plant (2-3 if you have multiple rows). You can mix this with water or alcohol and use it as an organic spray around your raspberries. Alternatively, you can rub some fresh garlic on the leaves directly or make a paste out of crushed cloves and then spread this over them. The spores need sunlight so they grow best in mid-summer when there is plenty of sunshine available

Fermented Plant Juice

The best organic pesticide for raspberries is fermented plant juice. The fermentation process kills off any harmful bacteria or fungi, while preserving the beneficial properties of the plant. Plus, it smells like a good time!

To make your own fermented plant juice, you’ll need:

  • 1 cup of fresh raspberry leaves
  • 1 cup of fresh raspberry stems (optional)

You can use either fresh or dried plants—it just depends on what you have lying around in your yard. If you’re using dried plants, add 2 tablespoons of water to rehydrate them before adding them to your jar. Fill up your jar with cool, clean water until it’s about ¾ full and then add in all of your ingredients. Close up the lid tightly and give everything a good shake to mix things together thoroughly. Leave this mixture for about two weeks at room temperature until it has reached its desired flavor level (the longer it sits, the stronger it will become). Strain out any large pieces by pouring through a sieve or strainer lined with cheesecloth into another container; discard these solids because they are not edible or useful! Store leftover fermented plant juice in a bottle with an airlock lid as directed here: How To Make Fermented Vegetable Juice – Easy Food Preservation Tips And Recipes by Sarah Pope MGA

Neem Oil

Neem oil is an organic insecticide that is safe for the environment and effective against aphids, spider mites, and other pests of raspberries. Neem oil contains azadirachtin, a natural substance that can kill insects by disrupting their feeding habits. It also contains a fungicide that prevents fungus from growing on plants.

Neem oil should not be used in areas with high winds or direct sunlight as it may cause systemic damage to surrounding plants if applied incorrectly. In addition to being toxic to insects when ingested by them directly (and therefore toxic to humans), neem oil may also be absorbed through leaves or roots after being sprayed directly onto those parts of plants during application processes; this will then affect other nearby plants even if they aren’t directly sprayed themselves!


Pyrethrum, also known as pyrethrins, is a natural insecticide made from dried chrysanthemum flowers and is an organic and safe insecticide. Pyrethrum can be used in the home garden and on crops.

It has been shown to be effective against sucking and chewing insects such as mites, aphids, spider mites, caterpillars and beetles.

Homemade Insecticides For Raspberries

The best way to control raspberry pests is to use a homemade insecticide. Homemade insecticides are not as toxic as store-bought chemical pesticides, and they can be made from ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen.

  • Cornmeal Insecticide: Mix 2 cups of cornmeal with 1 cup of water and spray the mixture on the plants.
  • Garlic Oil Insecticide: Crush 5 cloves of garlic into 1/3 cup cooking oil and let stand for 24 hours before applying it directly to the leaves using a cotton ball or sponge applicator (be sure not to mix any other oils with this formula).
  • Soap Spray: Make a simple soap spray by mixing 4 tablespoons dishwashing liquid with 4 cups warm water, stirring until well mixed, then adding 2 teaspoons vegetable oil or olive oil along with 8 drops peppermint extract if desired; apply every 14 days throughout growth cycle as needed but never more than once per week at any one time period when using this method due because it will build up quickly over time causing harm rather than good if used too much often!

The only way to prevent your plants from fruit rot and fungal infections is by making homemade insecticides for raspberries.

The only way to prevent your plants from fruit rot and fungal infections is by making homemade insecticides for raspberries.

Raspberry plants are susceptible to fruit rot and fungal infections which can lead to the destruction of their fruits. If you want your raspberries to grow well, then it is important that you make homemade insecticides for raspberries.

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