Natural Remedy For Mosquito Repellent

If you have spent frivolously on store bought mosquito repellent and it turned out to be waste of money, you should get out of dismay because there are some easy and impromptu homemade mosquito repellents that can drive away mosquitoes from your house just sitting at home.Here I will discuss about the best natural remedy for mosquito repellent. There are many ways to get rid off from mosquitoes either better you have got from your home or from the shop around you or can see in the market. Here are some most effective and easy way to repel mosquitoes naturally at home without any side effect.

Natural Remedy For Mosquito Repellent

Herbal Tea

  • Crush the herbs with a mortar and pestle or similar device.
  • Place the herb mixture on a plate, and heat it in the microwave for one minute (this will make sure that all parts of the plant are heated).
  • Place this plate outside, away from your house and other people’s houses. The mosquitoes will come to eat it, then die!
  • Don’t forget to replace your herbal remedy with fresh herbs once they’ve dried out.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is a natural mosquito repellent that can be used in a variety of ways. It’s best to use pure vanilla extract, not imitation or artificial flavors. You can apply it directly on your skin or you can create a solution by adding about 10 drops of vanilla extract for every 4 ounces of water and use it as a spray or dab onto clothing, skin and other surfaces (in small doses).

If you want to make your own homemade mosquito repellents, there are many recipes available online with varying levels of effectiveness. However, keep in mind that most homemade remedies tend to contain essential oils which may cause irritation when applied directly on the skin—make sure you test any new product first before applying it all over!

Rubbing Alcohol

  • Pour rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and shake to combine.
  • Spray onto your skin and clothing as needed, making sure to avoid sensitive areas like eyes and mouth.
  • Wash hands after use, since rubbing alcohol can dry out the skin if you rub it on for too long or with too much force (i.e., if you rub yourself down with a washcloth).
  • Do not use rubbing alcohol on open wounds or broken skin, as it will sting and burn! Don’t worry though – there are plenty of other uses for this chemical that don’t involve being sprayed all over yourself in an effort to ward off insects from biting at your body parts!

Garlic Spray

If you want to create your own garlic spray, mix 1 cup of water with 1 clove of garlic. Allow it to sit for 24 hours before straining out the mixture. Add a small amount of liquid soap and shake until it’s well blended. Spray this around your home as a natural mosquito repellent remedy.

Make Your Own Bug Repellent Candle

To make the mosquito candle, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • beeswax (about 1 pound)
  • citronella essential oil (about 30 drops)
  • pine resin (about 3 ounces)
  • lemon grass essential oil (about 15 drops)
  • rosemary essential oil (about 10 drops)
  • catnip essential oil (approximately 5 drops)

Beer Trap

To make the beer trap, use a container that’s flat and wide, then place some sugar in the bottom of it. The purpose of doing this is to attract mosquitoes from a distance — they’re attracted to sweet smells (and beer), so if you add just enough sugar to the surface of your container, you’ll draw them in.

Once you’ve got your container set up, pour a little bit of beer into it — enough so that when you shake it around, there’s about an inch or two at most standing on top. When mosquitoes come looking for some food and drink, they’ll get caught in the liquid and drown before they can reach their goal: Your delicious human blood!

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds can be used to repel ants, slugs and mosquitos. They also make excellent fertilizer for your garden. If you have a potted plant, sprinkle a handful of grounds around the base of the pot to deter bugs from invading your home.

Coffee grounds are known for their deodorizing properties and will absorb odors in any room of the house. Just place some coffee grounds in a bowl on your kitchen counter or sink and let them sit overnight before taking them out in the morning!

If you’re looking for an inexpensive food grade dye (for natural soap making), coffee grounds are an ideal option because they are cheap and easy to find at home!

Natural Remedy For Mosquito Repellent

Natural Remedy For Mosquito Repellent:

There are many ways to repel mosquitoes and other bugs. This article will show some of the best natural remedies for repelling mosquitos and other bugs from your yard with minimal effort on your part.

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