Natural Repellent For Cats

Cats are pretty good at repelling from various things. They can easily walk down that narrow ledge on the wall or get away with doing naughty things. In order to avoid your cat scratching what you have protected, you can use homemade cat repellent spray for furniture. This article will tell you easy recipe and how to make homemade citrus spray for cats. Potential health hazards should be a concern when using any commercial bug sprays. Citrus oil is a natural insect repellent for those times when you don’t have time to create your own spray. Since your furniture and home are more important than yours, it’s paramount to keep them protected from catastrophic damage caused by your pet cats. Thus, if you are looking for a homemade cat repellent spray which actually works, this article is going to be very useful for you. It contains useful instructions on how to make cat repellent as well as instructions on how to spray it on the furniture and other surfaces that are prone to scratching.

Natural Repellent For Cats

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural repellent that will keep your cats away from certain areas. It works by acting as a deterrent and helps to create a “fear” response in your cat. You can use apple cider vinegar as an odorless spray or mix it with water into a spray bottle. If you choose the latter method, make sure to dilute one part vinegar with three parts water before spraying it on areas you want to stay away from (such as furniture).

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is an essential oil that has a calming effect on cats. Cats dislike the smell of lavender, so you can use this to deter them from certain areas. Just apply a few drops to an area that needs protecting and you will have peace of mind knowing your cat cannot get into that space.

Citrus or Lemon

If you want to keep your garden and home cat-free, then citrus or lemon essential oils can be a great natural repellent. A lot of cats hate the smell of lemon and citrus oils. If you have any trees in your garden that produce lemons or oranges, you’ll know about the strong scent that these fruits give off when they ripen. Well this is exactly why cats hate it!

Cats have a much better sense of smell than humans do so they can detect these citrus scents from far away; this is why they don’t like hanging around places where there are lots of oranges growing on trees nearby (like my neighbor’s house). But there are many other ways you could use them too…


Cloves are a natural cat repellent. You can sprinkle them around your garden, or even make a spray with clove oil and water. Cloves are in the same family as citrus and mint, other natural cat repellents.

Moth Balls and Cat Nip

Moth balls are a natural repellent for cats. The strong odor of mothballs will keep cats away from your garden because they hate the smell. Catnip is another option if you want to keep cats out of your yard and garden. Catnip is also safe for cats as long as it’s not sprayed directly on them, but make sure that your cat doesn’t eat any leaves or stems of the plant because they can cause an upset stomach or vomiting in some cats.

Peppermint Oil

Pure peppermint oil is an effective way to keep cats away from your garden and other areas, but it must be used correctly.

Peppermint oil will not harm your cat if applied as directed. It can be dangerous if ingested and should only be used in moderation by people who are aware of its effects on felines.

Orange Peels

Orange peels have pheromones that repel cats. They can be dried or fresh, and you can use them to make a spray as well.

Natural Repellent For Cats

Unfortunately, natural repellents for cats are not as easy to find as they are for dogs. As a cat owner, you have a few options when it comes to making your home less attractive to your feline friend. If you’re looking for a solution that will keep your cat away from certain areas of the house or yard, simply placing potted plants in those locations can discourage them from approaching them again. However, if there are other solutions available that would help improve their safety and quality of life without any side effects (such as spraying chemicals), these would be preferable since they wouldn’t require any particular effort on anyone else’s part—including yours!

Natural Care Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs and Cats | Flea Treatment for Dogs and Cats | Flea Killer with Certified Natural Oils | 14 Ounces
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Cat Repellent Outdoor Spray Indoor 32 OZ 100% Organic & Natural Yard Furniture Repellant (32)
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  • Natural Deterrent CHANGES CAT BEHAVIOR AROUND YOUR PROPERTY. As soon as Cats find shelter or a food source they can exploit on your property it becomes a target. After you spray this natural repellent cats will wonder what happened to their coveted trash area or new home under your deck or crawl space. Spray consistently and over the next 2-5 visits and the animals invading your space will change their behavior and move on. Feline deterrent / repellant- repellent for attic
  • Feline Repellent- LASTS 2-4 WEEKS – Spray on heavy for your first application to soak all areas. Make sure to spray under decks, openings around your home, and very heavy on your trash cans (Also spray a 2’ foot circle perimeter around your trash cans or tiny cracks around your home) After the cats are gone use every 2-4 weeks depending on rain conditions to naturally repel them for good. If you are currently in an infestation spray heavy and often- Get multiple bottles if the situation is bad.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK POLICY!!! If you believe the product does not work we can accept a return no questions asked. We are confident if you spray regularly you will not have cat issues anymore or prevent the issue from ever starting in the first place. Children & Pet safe MADE IN USA!

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