Natural Repellent For Rodents

The rodents are back, and so are you. A lot of people may ask the question, “does bleach repel mice?” First of all, if you have a rodent problem and really need to know this information, I’d be more concerned with getting your home and business rodent-free. This article will explain why some old wives’ tales don’t actually work when it comes to repelling and expelling rodents. I also share some alternative solutions to get rid of rats that actually work. Mice usually stay away from people because of their size and smell. But what would you say if I told you could repel these rodents with something that’s accessible at home? Sounds too good to be true right? Well, astoundingly enough, you can use household bleach as a natural mouse repellent in your house.

Natural Repellent For Rodents


Mothballs are a common household item that can be used as a natural rodent repellent. Mothballs contain paradichlorobenzene, an insecticide and byproduct of coal tar. If you have mothballs in your home, use them to repel rodents by placing them on the floorboards or in cabinets where rodents might live or hide. This will help keep mice and rats away from those areas while they are breeding season and pregnant mothers are trying to nest with their babies.

Mothballs should be used sparingly because they can cause health problems if they come into contact with humans or pets. The chemicals inside these balls can irritate eyes, skin and lungs if inhaled or ingested by humans or animals like cats and dogs who may find them attractive for playtime activities such as chasing after rolling balls across the floorboards with their paws!

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is a natural repellent that will help you keep rodents, insects and ants away. When applied to window sills, doors, along baseboards and other places where rodents like to hide out, this strong-smelling oil can effectively repel these pests for up to 6 months.

In addition to repelling pests from your home or business property, peppermint oil can also be helpful in dealing with fleas on your pets. Simply rub the pet’s fur coat with a few drops of the oil before going outside so that fleas won’t bother them during their time outdoors.

Onions and garlic

You can use either garlic or onions to repel rodents. One small clove of garlic will be enough for one rodent repellent, and two cloves of onion are usually plenty for two rats or mice. If you want to make more than one batch for different areas of your house, keep in mind that the smell does not dissipate quickly and might affect other rooms if it’s left out overnight.

The smell from garlic is actually very similar to that of a predator—it smells like something that would eat them! This makes rodents stay away from garlicky places because they think they’ll end up being dinner if they stick around any longer than necessary. Onions have similar effects on these pests, but because their odor lasts longer than that of garlic (up to seven days!), they’re less likely to come back if you use this method alone without additional measures such as traps as well

Black pepper and creolin

To make your own natural rodent repellent, mix the following ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup of black pepper
  • 1/2 cup of creolin (or 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil)

Mix these together in a bowl and store in an airtight container. Use as needed by applying to areas where rodents may be entering your home or business.


Trapping the rodents is one of the most effective methods because it’s a safe and humane way of dealing with them. You can either trap live animals, or kill them, depending on your preference and convenience.

  • Live trapping has its advantages over killing – you won’t have to deal with dead bodies, for example. On the other hand, it can take longer than killing because you need to set up traps in each room where there are signs of rodent activity (which might not be practical if you have large rooms).
  • If you do decide to kill the rodents instead, make sure they are dead before disposing of them. This will prevent any chance that they got away while being trapped or injured by poison but still alive when they’re discovered outside near food sources where other pets could eat their carcasses which could lead to poisoning themselves as well as humans who handle these foods such as children or seniors who forget what happened yesterday after eating chicken soup today at lunchtime then later go back outside where their parents left some half-eaten sandwiches from yesterday afternoon’s barbecue party which was attended by many guests including some children who lived nearby so now all three families are exposed risk getting sick from handling those leftovers from yesterday afternoon’s barbecue party which doesn’t end until nightfall tonight when everyone starts sleeping instead

Natural repellents for rodents – an alternative to poison.

Rodent repellents are an alternative to using poison. The most effective type of rodent repellent is a rodent bait station, which uses safe, non-toxic food to attract the pests and traps them inside. You can also use homemade or commercial air fresheners around your home to get rid of the smell that attracts rodents in the first place. While these methods are not a permanent solution, they will help you keep your home free from unwanted guests until you can decide what further action needs to be taken.

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  • ✅100% SAFE & NATURAL- This rat repellent is made up of high-grade peppermint aroma oil that found in nature. It is all natural, non-toxic, concentrated peppermint formula to provide an impact in one spray will removes all mice away. Safe to use around Pets, Children & nursing mothers. Our mice repellent is perfectly substitute to a Mouse Trap. Peppermint Sprays
  • ✅CHANGES RODENT BEHAVIOR AROUND YOUR PROPERTY- As soon as animals find shelter or a food source they can exploit on your property it becomes a target. After you spray this natural repellent, mice will wonder what happened to their coveted trash area or new home under your sink or crawl space. Spray consistently and over the next 2-5 visits the mice invading your space will change their behavior and move on.
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