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What is better than having ants? Having Oklahoma ants! Not only do we live here and know the differences of the different species, but we also want to help you get rid of them. Okie bugs are pesky and destructive with their ability to seek food, nest, and reproduce. Ants are famous for drawing sources of food to their own areas. They can create homes in your trees or under your home or in grass — it really is nothing you can stop alone. You need an exterminator, and at Northland Exterminating Co., we’re the best you can call for your ant problems in Tulsa. Through our local knowledge of how these insects spread, we can handle any onslaught with specific attention paid to your property needs. If you are looking for some more information on ants and ant removal Oklahoma, then look no further. If you land on this article, chances are you’re experiencing an ant infestation of your own.

Oklahoma Ants

In the state of Oklahoma, ants can be found in every county. They live in soil and in human structures, feeding on dead insects and other organic material. Some species are considered pests because they invade homes or attack plants.

There are thousands of ant species in the U.S., with most living in small groups called colonies that have one queen and thousands of workers. Ants have three main body parts: a head, thorax and abdomen. They have six legs, each with two joints and an end part called an “elbow” joint where it bends upward at an angle from the leg segment below it (called a trochanter).

The ants in Oklahoma are unique because they come in a variety of colors. The most common color of ant found in Oklahoma is red, but they can also be black, yellow, brown and even purple!

The ants that live in Oklahoma are also unique because they have very large colonies. Some colonies can have up to 10 million ants!


We’ll take a look at the following ants:


Pavement ants are the ones you generally find outside in the pavement. They don’t usually get bigger than about ¼-inch long and are light brown to black. The appendages will probably be lighter in color than the body. Typically, these ants are docile, but they do have the ability to sting if provoked. They live underground but will also nest under mulch, floors, or insulation.


Odorous house ants can get up to 3/16-inch long. They range in color from dark brown to black. The most common method of identifying these ants is by the smell they emit when crushed. You will smell rotten coconut.

These pests are a problem in homes. They bite, but because they are so small, little to no pain is generally felt. Over-the-counter insecticides scatter the pests and create more nests and problems.


Pharaoh ants are typically golden in color with red and black markings on their body. They generally are under 1/8-inch long, but they love to build nests in pantries where they can find sugary foods. Because they are tiny, they can sneak through even the smallest crack in the seal of a window or door. These ants spread dysentery and salmonellae.

They are difficult to control once in your home. A professional pest management technician will be able to design a program for your home.


Carpenter ants can range from ½-inch to 1-inch long. There are 24 different types of carpenter ants just in the United States. The most common species are dark in color, but they can be yellow, red, and black.

These types of ants bite and will cause pain. Carpenter ants and termites are often mistaken for each other. They like to nest in wood. Professional pest management is probably the safest bet for extermination.


Field ants, or Formica ants, are generally found in lawns and open areas. When mounds are built close to the foundation of a home, the ants can get inside looking for food. The ants are often mistaken for carpenter ants because they are larger in size, ½-inch and up.

They will bite if the mound is disturbed. The queen lives deep underground. Removing her will destroy the colony, but it can be difficult. Professional pest control can help you find a solution.

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