Pet Safe Mosquito Repellent For Yard

Pets can be exposed to a variety of pests in your back yard. Mosquito bites can be dangerous for both your pets and humans. Bites from some mosquito larvae can cause infections and even transmit disease. Your pet can carry various diseases without having any symptoms themselves. Protecting your pet from mosquitos is important, whether they are inside or outside. Treating your yard with an insecticide can kill the mosquito larvae, making an outdoor living space safer for your pets. Many pet owners have found that pets who spend much time outdoors in the evenings, particularly during mosquito season, suffer from a resurgence of mosquito bites simply because our communities generally have not effectively controlled the mosquito population. If mosquitoes are multiplying unchecked, they will find and bite pets which spend most of their time outdoors. This inconvenience can turn into a severe health hazard for your pet.

Pet Safe Mosquito Repellent For Yard

The PetSafe Yard & Garden Ultrasonic Outdoor Repeller with Solar Power is a unique and effective way to keep mosquitoes from invading your yard and garden. This product uses ultrasonic sound waves to repel mosquitoes, flies, and other pesky insects.

This repellent can be used anywhere outdoors. It is small enough to fit on a table or hang from a tree branch, but it also has an included stake that allows you to plant it in the ground. The repellent runs on solar power, so you don’t have to worry about batteries or cables.

You can choose between two settings: A steady stream of sound to keep pests away at all times, or a random burst of sound every few minutes as an extra precaution against intruders.

This product works best when placed in areas where mosquitoes are most likely to enter your property—places like your front porch or back door.

The PetSafe Mosquito Repellent for yards creates a barrier against mosquitoes, black flies and other biting insects. This device is ideal for yards, decks and patios where pets cannot be sprayed with repellent. The motion-activated repeller emits odorless vapors that keep mosquitoes away from you and your pet. It’s safe to use around children and pets, too! The trap uses no pesticides or chemicals. It’s ideal for homes, cottages and apartments with large or small yards.

The trap comes fully assembled in a kit that includes everything you need to get started including: 1 mosquito repeller with built-in solar panel, 1 stake for ground mounting (stake not shown), 3 AA rechargeable batteries (not included), 1 power adapter (not shown) & 1 set of instructions.

The trap has a 30 foot range so it can cover a large area without being moved around too much once it’s installed correctly on the ground or deck where you want it to work most effectively against mosquitoes and other biting insects around your home or yard where pets play regularly without having to worry about getting bitten by mosquitoes when outside at night especially during summer months when most people go outside at night time.

List of Pet Safe Mosquito Repellent For Yard

Price : $15.43
Features :

  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE – Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Yard and Kennel Spray kills mosquitoes, fleas, flea larvae, flea eggs, and ticks by contact without harsh chemicals.
  • EASY TO USE – Includes ready-to-use hose attachment for quick and easy application on turf, lawns, kennels, patios, and other outside surfaces. Not known to be harmful to trees, shrubs, or flowers.
  • CERTIFIED NATURAL OILS – Each steam-distilled essential oil is selected for its potent pest-fighting properties and is 100% Certified Natural and deet free.
  • USE FOR UP TO 5,000 SQUARE FEET – Each 32oz concentrate bottle treats up to 5,000 square feet and can be refilled with Vet’s Best Yard and Kennel Spray 96oz Refill.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA with quality domestic and internationally sourced ingredients.

Additional Info :

Color Whites & Tans
Item Dimensions
Height 11.25 Inches
Width 4.75 Inches
Length 2 Inches
Weight 2.4 Pounds
I Must Garden Mosquito Tick and Flea Hose End Concentrate: Kills and Repels Biting Insects from Yard – Natural and Pet Safe – Covers 4,000 Sq. Ft - 32oz
Price : $24.99 ($0.78 / Fl Oz)
Features :

  • PROVEN RESULTS – Tested and proven to kill and repel mosquitos, ticks, and fleas without the use of harmful or dangerous chemicals
  • EASY TO USE – Simply attach to hose and spray throughout your yard, garden, deck, or any other problem area. Un-used portion can be safely stored
  • ALL NATURAL and SAFE – We use natural ingredients and botanical oils that are safe for pets, safe for people, and safe for the environment. Will not harm vegetation. DOES NOT CONTAIN DEET, PABA, or PARABEN
  • NO FOUL ODORS – Botanical oils repel insects, not people! Spray before parties, outdoor meals, or grilling without fear of strong chemical smells
  • FAST RESULTS – No dangerous foggers or unsightly traps – simply spray throughout the area you want protected

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 9.2 Inches
Width 5.15 Inches
Length 2.85 Inches
Weight 2.37 Pounds
Mosquito Repellent for Yard - 1 GAL Repellent Outdoor Yard Spray for Home, Lawn, Patio, & Garden - Yard Perimeter Outdoor Concentrate Spray Barrier Cedar Kid/PET Safe
Price : $69.95 ($0.55 / Fl Oz)
Features :

  • ✅100% SAFE & NATURAL – Our Mosquito Yard Spray is excellent formulated from garlic juice and cedarwood oil. Don’t settle for using harsh chemicals that stay on your home well after treatment. Colton’s Natural Mosquito Killer uses natural active ingredients that are safe around aquatic life, children and pets than other chemical found in pest control product.
  • ✅MAKE YOUR YARD FREE OF MOSQUITOES – Colton’s Naturals perimeter mosquito repellent will keep those biting creatures out of your yard deck and patio area naturally. Just Soak the area around your home. The sulfur of garlic will occur insects nerve agent in the cedar to kill off the mosquitos and create a mosquito free environment.
  • ✅PROVEN AND EFFECTIVE- Our Yard Mosquito Repellent is proven and effective kills and prevents active mosquitos as well as their reproductive larvae. Mosquito populations grow extremely rapidly when left unchecked. Colton’s Naturals will stop the problem in its tracks.
  • ✅LONG LASTING of USE- Apply Mosquito Repellent to your home, whole patio including vegetation and standing water. Spray on even heavier in wet areas- that is where mosquitoes will breed and multiply like crazy. Let Colton’s Naturals do the Job. Mix 4 ounces of concentrate per gallon for prevention. Use 8-12 ounces per gallon if you have an active infestation and spray regularly. It will last and re-apply every 2-4 weeks.
  • ✅100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK POLICY- If you believe that our Yard Mosquito Repellent does not work well, we can accept a return with no questions asked. We are confident by trade and know if you use properly and patiently as stated then it will work and no mosquitoes issues anymore or may prevent the issue from ever starting in the first place. Our customers are first on our priority list!

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 128 ounces
Cedarcide Yardsafe (Quart) Cedar Oil Mosquito Yard Spray | Pet Safe Pest Control Lawn Spray Kills + Repels Fleas Ticks Ants Mites and Harmful Biting Insects in All Stages of Life
Price : $34.49 ($1.08 / Fl Oz)
Features :

  • 🌱 YARDSAFE READY-TO-USE PEST CONTROL YARD SPRAY: Protect your lawn from harmful pests without endangering your family or pets. Yardsafe is a ready-to-use spray that kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, mites, and ants without harmful chemicals. Handcrafted in small batches with pure cedarwood oil, Non-GMO Corn and purified water.
  • 💧HOW TO USE YARDSAFE: Attach Sprayer Top to the hose, turn on the valve, and begin spraying. Re-apply Yardsafe once a month or as needed. Yardsafe Creates a long lasting Cedar Barrier protecting your home from unwanted harmful insects. Designed for use on lawns, trees, shrubbery, and other outdoor spaces. 1 Quart of Yardsafe Cedar Oil Lawn Spray treats approximately 1/8 acre (5,000 sq. ft.).
  • ✅ WHY YARDSAFE: Kills and repels troublesome biting insects in all stages of life. Yardsafe does not deter beneficial insects is non-toxic, and comprised of earth-friendly ingredients making Yardsafe safe to be sprayed around family and pets with NO DOWNTIME after application.
  • 💪 READY-TO-USE CEDAR FORMULA: Yardsafe is a ready to use spray meaning there’s no measuring, minimal preparation, or wait time after application.
  • 🌎 MADE FROM PURE CEDAR OIL: Cedarcide Yardsafe is made of a blend of Pure Cedar Oil, Corn, and water so its easy on your yard, pets, family, and the environment. Includes hose top connector per order.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2 Inches
Width 1 Inches
Length 2 Inches
Weight 1.98 Pounds
Wondercide - EcoTreat Ready-to-Use Outdoor Pest Control Spray with Natural Essential Oils - Mosquito, Ant, Insect Repellent, Treatment, and Killer - Plant-Based - Safe for Pets, Plants, Kids - 32 oz
Price : $34.99 ($34.99 / Count)
Features :

  • KILLS & REPELS. A preventative and a treatment, this spray is a natural pest repellent, and kills mosquitoes, ants, fleas, ticks, roaches, flies, scorpions, chiggers, crickets, chinch bugs, japanese beetles, no-see-ums, gnats and more. Safe alternative to conventional pesticide sprays, baits, ant granules, zappers or foggers.
  • SPRAY & PLAY! Safe around cats, dogs and people of all ages, with no wait time for drying or reentry into sprayed outside areas. Just attach directly to a garden hose, spray your backyard, and enjoy. Keep the bottle & Refill the sprayer with our Outdoor Pest Control Concentrate!
  • TREATS UP TO 5,000 SQUARE FEET. A bug control spray that can be safely used on lawns, gardens, grass, picnic areas, playgrounds, patios, vegetables, flowers, siding, brick, paint and more. Treat an existing pest infestation or for prevention. Application coverage depends on water pressure and walking speed.
  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS. No artificial colors, fragrances or harsh pesticides. Made in the USA from powerful, sustainable plant-based ingredients. Cruelty free and biodegradable. Keep the bottle & Refill the sprayer with our Outdoor Pest Control Concentrate!
  • POWERED BY NATURE, AS POWERFUL AS PERMETHRIN. Powered by cedar oil, our eco-friendly formula is proven to kill and repel pests. Safe when sprayed outdoors around pets, kids, and beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. Permethrin-Free. Packaging may vary.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2.3 Inches
Width 6.2 Inches
Length 9.5 Inches
Weight 2.1 Pounds

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