Brushmaster Herbicide Quart by PBI GORDON



The ⁢Brushmaster Herbicide Quart by ⁢PBI ​GORDON is a powerful‍ herbicide designed to control and kill unwanted brush and vegetation. With 2, 4-D as the active ingredient, it works effectively on weeds,​ shrubs, and trees. This concentrated formula is ⁤perfect​ for spot treatment ‍and ⁤covers up to‍ 5,000 square feet.

Post Information:
  • Low-volatile ester product
  • Trimec herbicide ‌complex
  • Allows ⁤you to ⁤successfully treat just about any⁢ brush or broadleaf ⁤weed species
  • Properly treated, targeted trees, vines and broadleaf weeds won’t come back
  • Will not strip treated areas of erosion ​protection


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