Bear Spray Repellent

Bear Spray is used to discourage aggressive attacks from bears. Although the spray may not kill a bear, it can cause enough irritation for the bear to leave you and your party alone. If a bear does attack, spraying the Bear Spray Repellent in its eyes can help stop an attack and give you time to get away. Bear Spray Repellent is not a joke just to have in your camp. On the contrary, bears are very dangerous, and they can attack you at any time. However, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself and others. Wildlife encounters are an unfortunate fact of outdoor adventure. Bear encounters are a more common caveat of being in bear country. But, getting mauled or eaten by a bear is not the only risk when encountering a black (or brown) bear. I’m just going to put it out there…for everyone to see:I think bear spray is pretty cool. Did you know that Paula Deen used bear spray? That’s right, ol’ butter-lovin’ britches herself had about three cans on hand during an episode of her TV show when she got charged by a mama grizzly in Alaska.

Bear Spray Repellent

Bear spray is a pepper spray designed to repel bears.

Bear spray is a pepper spray designed to repel bears. It is a non-lethal weapon and should only be used as a last resort when evading a bear attack. Bear spray repellent has been shown to be effective in deterring an attacking bear, but some critics argue that it can also harm people and other animals when used improperly.

Bear spray is not considered poisonous so it’s okay to use around children under adult supervision, but it’s important to remember that this product should never be confused with actual poison or other lethal weapons like firearms or knives; bear sprays are not substitutes for common sense or proper firearms training and education!

Bear spray may be legal where firearms are illegal.

Bear spray is not a gun—it’s a weapon. It is legal to carry as long as you have the proper permits and licenses in most U.S. states, but it is illegal in Canada. Bear spray is also illegal in National Parks and other federally-regulated areas of Alaska (which include Denali National Park).

When bear spray is fired, it forms a cloud of irritant intended to saturate the attacking bear’s eyes, nose and mouth.

Bear spray is a chemical irritant intended to deter bears. When bear spray is fired, it forms a cloud of irritant intended to saturate the attacking bear’s eyes, nose and mouth. The cloud will also affect other people if they are in the way. It is not just pepper, but also contains a tear gas and burning agent that causes irritation when inhaled by humans or animals.

Bear spray should not be confused with small units of pepper spray like those carried by runners or hikers.

Bear spray should not be confused with small units of pepper spray like those carried by runners or hikers. These are typically intended for use on humans, and their range is much shorter than that of bear spray. Bear spray is also larger and heavier, making it less portable than smaller canisters of pepper spray.

The active ingredient in bear spray is capsaicin.

You may be wondering what capsaicin is. Well, it’s derived from chili peppers, and the active ingredient in pepper spray. Capsaicin irritates your eyes and mucus membranes. This allows you to “bear spray” an attacking animal with it to deter them from harming you or your loved ones. The bear will feel like its eyes are burning and that it needs to remove them somehow (by rubbing them against a tree or jumping into water).

You can use bear spray while hiking in areas with bears, or while camping at night.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re going to use bear spray. Bear spray should be kept out of the sun as much as possible, and if it is exposed to high heat it may lose its effectiveness.

If you are going on a long hike with your dog, you might want to carry two cans of bear spray: one for yourself and one for your dog. Some dogs find the smell of bear repellent very intimidating and will attack if they smell it near them; others will run away from the smell instinctively. In some cases, this reaction can save your life because they are getting between you and potential danger such as a grizzly bear or other large animal that might attack if provoked by their presence near where you’re hiking (like during hunting season). Bear spray is not meant for dogs though—you should never use it on them unless there’s no other option available since most commercial brands contain extremely toxic substances that could harm any pet who comes into contact with them directly from spraying themselves directly onto their fur (i.e., direct application).

There have been several cases of bear attacks in which bear spray proved ineffective.

Bear spray may not work if it is used at close range or if it doesn’t make contact with the bear’s face. Some bears are so large that they can charge before being affected by the spray, and in these cases there’s nothing you can do but fight back using other means (such as a knife). Also, bear spray may be ineffective if it isn’t fired directly into a charging bear’s face—though this is difficult to do without a high level of training and skill because bears have very keen senses of smell and hearing, allowing them to pick up on human presence from long distances away.

In general, we recommend using bear mace only when faced with an attacking bear at close proximity:

  • If you are unable to escape safely by running away from your attacker (i.e., if there is nowhere nearby where you can run), then use your pepper spray as soon as possible! Bear mace should be sprayed into their nostrils or eyes with force so that they will immediately feel pain when exposed to the irritants in these sprays.

These cases are rare, however, and one study found that bear spray is much more effective than firing warning shots into the air with a gun.

While bear spray is generally very effective, the U.S. Forest Service’s study found that cases of bear attacks are extremely rare and most often occur in areas where bears are habituated to humans. In these cases, firing warning shots into the air with a gun may be more effective than using bear spray.

However, if you find yourself in an encounter with a grizzly or black bear and your spray does not work as intended (for example, if you accidentally hit yourself or another person), immediately flee from the animal and seek a safe place (elevated ground).

SABRE Frontiersman 7.9 Ounce Bear Spray Deterrent with Belt Holster, 30-Foot Range, Contains 2% Major Capsaicinoids, Safer for You, The Bears and The Environment, Glow-in-The-Dark Safety
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Features :

  • MAXIMUM STOPPING POWER: The only bear spray with an in-house HPLC lab to guarantee maximum strength (50% stronger than Police Strength Pepper Spray) and eliminate the 30% fail rate experienced by other brands (U of Utah study); Made in the USA
  • PROTECTION AT A SAFE DISTANCE: Bear spray has a 30-foot (9 meter) range. Deploys 1.58 ounces of fog per 1-second burst (up to 84% more than competitors), creating a barrier of protection between you and a bear
  • EASY TO CARRY: A belt holster helps to keep your canister secure and immediately accessible. The bear spray is secured by strong elastic to prevent loss
  • QUIET ACCESS TO PROTECTION: Frontiersman Bear Spray Holsters are not made with Velcro, allowing for quick and silent access to your deterrent should you encounter a bear
  • RIGOROUSLY TESTED FOR CERTAINTY AND PEACE OF MIND: E.P.A. approved, our environmentally friendly bear spray is field-tested and proven effective against all types of bears by the Elmendorf Air Force Base and Brown Bear Resources

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Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 8 Inches
Width 2.7 Inches
Length 2 Inches
Release Date 2021-11-10T00:00:01Z
Griz Guard Bear Spray & Griz Guard Holster - Strongest Formula Allowed by EPA (7.9 oz)
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  • Non-retail waste reduction packaging. No Clamshell.

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Counter Assault Bear Spray with Holster, 10.2 oz
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  • 10.2 ounce bear spray can with durable holster for quick access on your hip
  • The only bear spray with 40 feet spray distance plus an optimal 8-second spray duration
  • Premium bear deterrent spray formula has a maximum strength 2% capsaicin and related capsaicinoids
  • Bear canister works to deter all bear species from attacking humans for safer camping and hiking
  • Made-in Montana bear spray provides extra safety with glow in the dark safety wedge and tie string

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BUNDLE - 3 ITEMS - 2 Cans Guard Alaska Bear Repellant plus 1 Nylon Holster2
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  • EFFECTIVE BEAR PROTECTION – Includes TWO (2) Guard Alaska 9 oz. bear spray canisters and ONE (1) Pepper Enforcement metal belt clip holster
  • TESTED & PROVEN – Guard Alaska was intensively tested for six years in the Alaska wild, and it is the only bear repellent registered as effective against ALL bears
  • 9 SECOND CONTINUOUS SPRAY – Releases 9 ounces of bear protection in 9 seconds, or may be fired in bursts – Fogger delivery system sprays 15-20 feet quickly engulfing attacking bear for maximum effectiveness
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH – 1.34% total capsaicinoid formula, 9 ounce (255 Grams) UltraMag shotgun size canister, EZ Access Firemaster Actuator
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE – Does not contain flammable or ozone depleting substances – Guard Alaska is the only bear spray that has been tested and proven effective against ALL bear species – The Guard Alaska Bear Spray formula is scientifically proven superior, and endorsed by the Alaska Science & Technology Foundation – Be safe, protect yourself with Guard Alaska

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Udap Safety Orange Bear Spray Deterrent with Griz Guard Holster 2 Pack
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  • 2 Pack Includes Exclusive Griz Guard Holsters
  • Most Powerful Bear Spray Fog
  • Developed By A Bear Attack Survivor
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