Bed Bug Bed Stains

We’ve mentioned bed bug bed stains in the past, but today we are specifically focusing on those marks left behind from the pesky bugs. We’ll help you identify which type of stain you’re dealing with, how to treat each one effectively and how best to clean and prevent damage related to bed bugs. Plus, I’ll show you some hot spots in hotels where bed bugs can be found to help you protect yourself as well. Just thinking about bed bug stains makes my skin crawl. But, with the help of a professional I’ve discovered most bed bug stains are surface only and not very difficult to deal with. Raid and other companies that sell pest control products can be useful, but they tend to use strong chemicals and can cause side effects. Some of these chemicals can even be harmful to you or your child and should not be used without proper protection or in areas where kids live or play. You may also want to consider using products that all-natural or organic as they are often safer for the environment and your family. Ask what all-natural or organic bed bug solutions are best for your needs before purchasing one. The only thing worse than the thought of waking up with an infestation of bed bugs is knowing that they have been using your blood as a pantry. While the bumps and itching may be annoying, seeing the stains they’ve left behind can be far more frustrating.

Bed Bug Bed Stains

Bed bug stains are caused by waste from the bugs

Bed bug fecal matter and blood are called frass. These stains are caused by the waste of bed bugs, which contain tiny droplets of digested blood. The more bed bugs you have in your home, the more waste will be present on your sheets and mattress.

Fecal matter contains pheromones that attract other bed bugs to the same location; this is why it’s important not only to eliminate all live insects but also their droppings as well if you want to prevent re-infestation later on!

Bed bug stains are more obvious than urine from other insects

Bed bug stains are more obvious than urine from other insects.

Insects such as cockroaches, booklice and bark lice can also leave stain marks on your mattress or baseboard, but their waste will be less concentrated than bed bug droppings. It’s important to note that bed bugs don’t urinate in the same way as humans or dogs; instead they defecate on the surface of your bedding in small amounts. These waste deposits look like tiny brown specks that accumulate over time.

Bed bug stains look black or brown, often with a reddish tint

The color of the stain depends on the age of the bed bugs and what they’ve been eating. If a bed bug is young, it will have a dark reddish-brown color; if the bug has just eaten blood, its stain will be blackish or brownish. The type of food can also influence the color of their stains; for example, if someone has been eating a lot of carrots recently (or any orange vegetable), his/her blood may not show up as well as someone who eats more greens or red meat.

Bed bug waste can stain mattresses and sheets

If you have bed bugs, the most important thing you can do for your mattress and sheets is to vacuum them regularly. Bed bug waste can stain mattresses and sheets after a while, so washing is not always enough to remove these stains. If you have a severe infestation of bed bugs, consider purchasing a steam cleaner to clean your mattress with as well; this may be more effective than traditional washing methods for getting rid of stains caused by bed bug waste.

Be aware of the types of stains that bed bugs can leave behind.

Bed bug stains can be hard to identify, but there are several telltale signs of their presence. Look for red spots on your mattress or sheets and black marks around the seams of your mattress. Black or brown stains with a reddish tint may indicate that you have bed bugs in your home, as well as small black spots that resemble tiny specks of pepper sprinkled over the surface of your bedding. Bedbug eradication companies recommend using a flashlight when searching for these telltale signs; this will allow you to check areas where they might be hiding during the day when they are most likely to come out and feed (source).

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