Bed Bug Bite Rash Spreading

I can remember when I first realized my bed bug bite rash was spreading. It had only been about four days into the infestation, and I was freaking out! I couldn’t understand why my bites were spreading. I wasn’t going anywhere, so how could something like this be possible? The answer: it’s honestly very difficult to say whether something like this is possible or not. However, here are some things you should know about bed bugs and their bites that prove it is possible for the rash to spread if left untreated for too long. Bed Bug bite rashes tend to look like large red welts on the skin. This rash can appear anywhere on the body, but it is more commonly found on arms, legs, and other areas where a person sleeps. Bed Bug bites are often confused with other skin conditions such as hives or bug sprays that have caused irritation. Bed bug bites are common in places such as hotels, buses, airplanes, movie theaters and any other place where people gather. Bed bug bites can be found all over the body, but are most frequently found on the arms, neck and face because these areas are exposed while sleeping or sitting. Bed bug bite rash is normally an itchy red bump with a white center. The rash will appear at both the site of the bite and a few inches away from that area on the same body – following a line up the arm or leg. If a group of bumps is found in one area, this could signal a secondary infection from a scratch or another skin condition at that spot.

Bed Bug Bite Rash Spreading

Bed bugs bite

Bed bugs are found in beds, in furniture, in carpets, in cracks in the walls and any other crevice they can find. They feed on humans and animals while they sleep at night. Bed bugs have been known to bite many people at once if there is an infestation. The bites may show up as large red bumps that itch or even break open and ooze blood.

Bed bug bites usually look like small blood blisters that appear on your body anywhere from three hours after being bitten until several days later. The bites are often mistaken for mosquito bites because of their appearance, but unlike a mosquito bite which does not cause irritation after it heals, bed bug bites can be very irritating even many months after you’ve been bitten by one!

The appearance of an actual rash

There are several ways to identify bed bug bites and an accurate diagnosis is essential for effective treatment. Bed bugs are tiny, about the size of a poppyseed, so it can be difficult to spot their distinctive marks. They are most active in the hours before dawn and after dusk, which means you may not realize that you’re being bitten until the next morning when you wake up with an irritated red welt on your skin. If you still suspect that you have been bitten by bedbugs (or if someone else in your household has seen signs), there are several telltale signs that will tell you whether or not it was actually caused by a bedbug bite:

  • Red rash with small bumps
  • Itchiness
  • Soreness

Allergic reaction to the bites

You may have a skin rash if you get bitten by bed bugs. The bumps, which look like scabs or hives, can appear on any part of the body and last from two days to one week. People often mistake them for mosquito bites or allergic reactions to other bugs or mites, such as chiggers. Bed bug bites do not cause any known diseases, but they can lead to an allergic reaction that includes itching and redness in addition to the rash.

Where do I find bed bugs?

Bed bugs are most commonly found in a bed’s mattress, box spring and headboard. They can also be found in the seams of your mattress, sheets and pillows. Bedbugs can also be found behind baseboards or inside wall voids near the bed area.

Bedbugs are sometimes found on walls, floors or even electrical outlets if you have not used a cover around your outlet box. They are most commonly found on the side of beds away from lamps and nightstands since they like to feed at night when we sleep but they can feed during the day as well so it’s important to check all areas if you think you have been bitten by a bed bug.

Prevention is better than cure!

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Bed Bug Bite Rash Spreading

If you are suffering from the rash and think it may be the result of bed bug bites, there are several things you can do to stop the spread of the rash and make it go away.

  • Use a mattress protector. Bed bugs tend to hide in mattresses and box springs, so using a protective cover will reduce their risk of coming into contact with your skin while you sleep. If you don’t want to splurge on an expensive mattress encasement, consider buying one that is inexpensive and fits over your existing mattress but has mesh fabric on both sides so that air can still circulate through it effectively.
  • Reduce clutter around your house as much as possible; dust mites like dust just as much as we do! These little creatures thrive in areas where there is plenty of stuff lying around; if there’s less clutter in these areas, then there will be fewer places for them to live—and thus fewer bites for us humans too! Dust mites love dirty laundry piles but also flourish in carpets with heavy traffic patterns (e.g., doorways). You could try installing air purifiers near these problem areas; they’ll filter out irritating allergens before they have time

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