Bed Bug Bite Reaction

When a person is bitten by a bed bug, they can react in a number of ways. These reactions include swelling, redness and itching at the site of the bite. Some people mistake these and other reactions as potential allergic reactions to bed bug. In fact, it is most likely not an allergy to bed bug but an immune response. People react differently to bed bug bites. Some don’t seem to be affected at all, while others become severely itchy and inflamed. Others still might show no physical signs of a bedbug bite, but will have a negative mental reaction — i.e., can’t concentrate on the work that’s supposed to be done because you’re too busy scratching and cursing your way through the day. Bed bug bites can be one of the most annoying and debilitating things you will ever have to deal with. The itching is unbearable and painful. When the itching and pain start to subside, it gets even worse as a rash begins to develop. The best thing to do is get rid of these pests as quickly as possible and take precautions in the future to ensure they don’t come back.

Bed Bug Bite Reaction


The bed bug bite reaction is a condition that causes an allergic reaction to bed bug bites. Some people are highly allergic to bed bug bites and some people have no reaction at all.


Symptoms of a bed bug bite reaction can include redness, itching, raised skin and bruise-like marks. Blisters may also form. Some people develop soreness or pain at the site of their bed bug bite.


Bed bug bites can cause allergic reactions, but the chances are slim. Most people who develop an allergic reaction to bed bug bites do so within 5 days of the bite.

Allergic reactions to bed bug bites are not life-threatening, but they can be very uncomfortable and painful. If you notice any of these signs and symptoms after being bitten by a bed bug, seek medical attention as soon as possible:

  • swelling in the area where you were bitten
  • redness around the bite (this may indicate an infection)
  • pain in or around your bite


If you suspect bed bugs, call an exterminator. It’s important to determine if the bites are caused by bed bugs, as there are other causes that require different treatment methods. If you notice bites and other signs of infestation (such as shed skins), it’s likely that your home has been invaded by these pests.


You can take steps to prevent bed bug bites, but if you’ve already been bitten it’s important to treat the bites.

  • Prevent bed bugs from biting: Use a protective cover on your mattress and box springs. Tightly seal all cracks or crevices where bed bugs hide using caulk. Vacuum furniture regularly and dispose of the vacuum bags in sealed plastic bags outside the home. Avoid purchasing used mattresses and furniture since bed bugs can hide in these items for up to five years without feeding on their human hosts. Check new purchases carefully before bringing them into your home; remember that even a brief exposure is enough time for a pregnant female to lay hundreds of eggs!
  • Treat bed bug bites: Wash with soap and water any clothes, linens or other personal items that have been exposed to an infested area (this includes luggage). Dry clean or freeze clothing that cannot be washed immediately—use caution when handling drycleaned items because they may contain residual pesticides! Spray affected areas with insecticides containing pyrethrins as directed on product label instructions (wear gloves when applying these products). Apply insecticides directly onto bite marks; do not rub them in because this will cause irritation from chemicals on top of irritation from actual bed bug bites themselves!

Bed Bug Bite Reaction

You’ve found a bed bug. In your bed, most likely. You might have even seen it crawling out of the mattress or box spring on which you sleep. It’s small and flat, brownish in color and about 1/4 inch long (or less). Bed bugs are also known as cimicidae or “cimex lectularius” and can be found worldwide in any area where humans live.

Bites are common when people encounter them but not all bites result in a reaction. The severity of the bite depends on your individual sensitivity to the saliva injected into your skin while feeding on you, whether or not they were engorged with blood when they bit you and how long ago they fed before they were killed by pesticides applied by exterminators like Orkin Pest Control technicians who kill bed bugs using heat treatments that reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit over an assigned period of time determined by each client situation.

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