Bed Bug Exposure

Bed bugs have become an increasing problem across the country, and have made some areas an epidemic! With this in mind, it is important to know how to identify bed bug exposure and prevent their spread. During the summer of 2012, many residents of New York became exposed to bed bugs during their travels. Bed bugs are typically found in cities and therefore these individuals were not expected to unfortunately acquire bed bug exposure during their trip to New York. This bed bug occurrence was particularly interesting because it demonstrates how something that is normally considered harmful to cause exposure can become a relatively benign substance due its location. Bed bug sprays and lotions have the potential to be harmful if used improperly but in this case those affected by the exposure did not face any adverse effects. Bed bug exposure means that your home, work or hotel room has been exposed to bed bugs. The most common form of contact is when someone is moving furniture, taking a suitcase out of storage or visiting a place where infestation is present. Bed bug exposure happen when a traveler or a guest comes in direct contact with bed bugs. This doesn’t only include the obvious areas such as beds, mattresses and box springs but other areas such as couches, chairs and carpets. Here are 10 signs of bed bug exposure.

Bed Bug Exposure

Bed Bugs Can Be Everywhere

Bed bugs are a real problem, and they can be found in hotels, motels, and even private homes. Bed bugs will easily attach to clothing and travel with you. They don’t care if you’re rich or poor—they’ll bite anyone! Bed bug bites occur anywhere on your body but are often found on the arms or legs. The bites may be red or flat (without a red spot). You may also find small blood stains from the bed bug’s droppings near where it bit you.

Reporting Bed Bug Incidents Will Help Get Rid Of Them

The more people report bed bug incidents, the better chance we have of getting rid of them. If you suspect that you or someone in your home has been exposed to bed bugs, contact your landlord, housing authority and/or local health department immediately. Also notify the pest control company servicing your residence.

You can get bitten by a bed bug anywhere

Bed bugs can be found in a wide range of places. They often hide in areas where people sleep, but they can also be found in many other locations. For example, you might find them on the upholstery of buses, trains, planes and even your own car. Bed bug infestations have been reported in hotels as well as hospitals and nursing homes.

Bed bugs are not picky eaters and will feed on any human being who comes into contact with them. As such, it is possible for you to get bitten by a bed bug anywhere — including your own home!

Bed bugs are everywhere.

Bed bugs are everywhere and they can be found in a wide variety of locations. Bedbugs are most commonly found in hotels, motels and hostels, but they also live in apartments and homes too. Bedbugs don’t just live on beds either; they’ll hide in furniture, floorboards and cracks in walls where you’d never expect to find them!

In other words: if you’ve got bed bugs (and chances are good that you do), then chances are equally good that you’re going to need professional help getting rid of them before they get rid of your peace of mind.

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