Bed Bug Extermination Atlanta

We are proud to offer bed bug extermination services in Atlanta, Georgia. How many people do you think knew that they could call a team of eradication specialists who could not only eliminate the problem of bed bugs but actually guarantee their work? If you’re like most I talked to, you couldn’t name one pest control company in your city that specialized in this type of treatment. Bed Bug Extermination Atlanta is now easier than ever! Bed Bug Exterminators at Greenway Pest Control are trained and certified to not only find the source of your infestation but also take steps to eliminate them completely. Bed Bug Extermination Atlanta is not something you want to leave up to chance, so don’t wait – get a FREE estimate today! You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your own home. You take pride in the fact that your possessions are valuable and of great quality. You also understand that your home is an investment, even in these tough economic times. That’s why you hired Bed Bug Extermination Atlanta to come in and inspect it.

Bed Bug Extermination Atlanta

Bed Bug Extermination in Atlanta

Bed bug extermination in Atlanta involves a lot of different methods to get rid of the pesky little critters. This is because bed bugs can be difficult to kill and they hide in many places you wouldn’t normally think about looking for them. There are several methods that can be used to exterminate those little buggers, including cleaning, steaming, chemicals and freezing..

  • Cleaning: This is probably one of the most common ways people try to get rid of their bed bugs. Cleaning involves washing all your clothes and linens in hot water with detergent followed by drying them on high heat (120 degrees Fahrenheit). You’ll also want to vacuum all furniture, mattresses and box springs thoroughly before putting them back into your home or apartment. Be sure not to miss any areas when vacuuming as this will keep down chances for reinfection later on by killing off any eggs that might still be present from previous infestations..
  • Steaming: Another method of getting rid of these critters involves using steam cleaners with specialized attachments designed specifically for killing bed bugs without harming humans who sleep there at night while they’re being treated..

A bed bug is a tiny, flat, oval-shaped insect that feeds on the blood of sleeping humans and animals. They are most active at night when people are sleeping. They have a taste for human blood and will settle into any home or business where it can find its next meal.

Bed bugs are not a sign of uncleanliness. The bed bug problem is not caused by poor housekeeping. Bed bugs can be found in five-star hotels, resorts and luxury homes as well as in slums and the apartments of the indigent.

Bed bugs do not carry disease. They are primarily an aesthetic issue for those who have them, but they can make your life miserable if you have ever been bitten by one or had to deal with their presence in any way.

Bed bugs are only active at night when you are sleeping so if you suffer from bites on your body during daylight hours it’s probably not because of these little pests! You could have brought home some other critter that likes to feed on human blood.

You may also find them hiding behind pictures on walls or under baseboards near beds where they will feed on people as they sleep through the night (or during daytime naps).

Bed bugs have many names and have been around for thousands of years. They go dormant for long periods of time but always return to feed again and again. Here are some common names for bed bugs:

Bed bugs have many names and have been around for thousands of years. They go dormant for long periods of time but always return to feed again and again. Here are some common names for bed bugs:

Bed bugs – this is the most common name. It’s also the scientific name for these parasites, as well as an informal term you can use when talking about them.

Bedbug – this is another commonly-used name for these bloodsucking insects, which can be seen on your mattress or other furniture if you spot their small brown dots moving across it at night time (it’s hard to see them during the day because they hide in cracks).

Bugs in beds – this informal term refers specifically to bed bugs that live inside mattresses (or other places on your bed), rather than crawling all over the place like ants or cockroaches do in other places around your house like kitchens and bathrooms.

Cimex hemipterus

Bed bugs belong to the genus Cimex, which is part of the family Cimicidae. These insects are found all over the world. Bed bugs are nocturnal and flat, about the size of an apple seed. They feed on the blood of animals and humans.

Chinches de cama

Bed bugs will feed on the blood of any warm-blooded animal. Their bite is painless, so you probably won’t know you have been bitten. They can be found anywhere and will feed on humans, pets and animals alike. Bedbugs are not known to transmit diseases.


Mites are very small, and can be difficult to see with the naked eye. Mites are parasites that feed on their host (you). They can be found in many places, including mattresses and box springs. Mites can cause allergic reactions in humans, such as itching or rashes. Mites also may spread diseases like scabies if they bite you.


Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown insects that live in and feed on blood. Bed bug infestations can be found in most parts of the world and they occur in hotels, apartments and private homes. Bed bug bites usually cause itching red welts or a rash.

Although they are only about ⅛ inch long, bed bugs may still cause skin irritation because of their saliva. They do not transmit disease to people but their bites can lead to an allergic reaction or secondary infection if scratched. The best way to prevent getting bitten by bedbugs is to avoid contact with infested areas such as mattresses and sofas.

Wall lice

  • Wall lice are not bed bugs. They are more closely related to termites and ants, but they too feed on blood. They don’t live in walls, however; they live mainly in mattresses and furniture. They can also live in other items like suitcases, backpacks, clothes hangers (especially plastic ones), and cushions.

Unlike bed bugs, wall lice don’t bite humans and aren’t dangerous at all! The only reason you’d want to get rid of them is if you’re having an infestation of some kind that seems to be causing a lot of itching or discomfort for your family members (they tend to cause some irritation). If this is the case with your home/apartment/etc., then we strongly recommend getting professional help from one or more of these companies:

  • [Company 1] – [Number 1]
  • [Company 2] – [Number 2]

Bed bugs can be a problem all year round

Bed bugs are generally more active at night, but can be found in daylight hours as well. They feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals and prefer to hide in cracks and crevices during the day. Bed bugs are attracted to pheromones (scent), carbon dioxide, body heat, and CHM—an organic compound that is present in human skin oils. It’s important to note that not all bed bug bites cause a reaction; some people don’t react at all or only experience irritation for a few days after being bitten by these insects.

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