Bed Bug Extermination Prep

How do you prepare for bed bug extermination? Bed bugs can be a real problem and many people are starting to have these little critters rampaging through their homes. If you’re having problems with these pests, there’s no reason to panic since our exterminator can usually solve the problem the first time around (he’s kind of amazing). In this article, I’m going to give you a step-by-step way to prepare for your bed bug extermination treatments. Bed bugs can be a serious problem, especially if they’re not dealt with quickly. Sure, you could just throw all your furniture in the street and burn everything to the ground. That’s one way to go about things. The other, more responsible way would be to prepare for extermination.

Bed Bug Extermination Prep

In order for a bed bug extermination to be successful, it is important to prep ahead of time.

Most people have heard of the phrase “preparation is half the battle.” It holds true for many things in life, including bed bug extermination. Preparing your home before an exterminator arrives will help ensure that your extermination can be as successful as possible. Here are some tips:

  • Clean up clutter and remove items from walls and electrical outlets.
  • Clean thoroughly, especially in places where bed bugs like to hide (usually within 18 inches of a mattress). Wash linens and clothes thoroughly, place them in sealed bags, then heat at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour to kill any remaining insects or eggs on them. Remember that these insects can survive without food for three months!
  • Dispose of unnecessary trash so that no one picks it up outside again without first checking it carefully for signs of infestation; otherwise another infestation could occur once more people bring back those items into their homes again later on down the road when they’re trying to save money by reusing old furniture/furniture pieces instead of buying new ones right away every time something breaks down or needs replacing due to normal wear-and-tear over time which happens naturally over time anyway even if there aren’t any bugs present inside either furniture piece already being used today even though they could become infected tomorrow too under certain circumstances such as those mentioned above where someone might purchase something secondhand at low cost just because they needed something cheap enough fast enough but didn’t realize how risky this was until after doing so themselves–which would’ve been prevented altogether if only someone would’ve thought ahead before acting impulsively instead…

Bed bugs love clutter.

While clutter can be a great way to organize your life, it can also be a breeding ground for bed bugs. These small insects thrive in cluttered areas because they use their bodies as anchors while they feed on their host. Once they’re full, they drop off and hide again until the next meal comes along. By living in such tight quarters with lots of other bugs, bedbugs have developed ways to protect themselves from overcrowding and disease by feeding on each other rather than competing for food (which would put them in direct competition with humans).

Bed bug infestations are notoriously difficult to eradicate once established because of this behavior pattern—but you can reduce your chances by keeping your home or apartment clean and tidy! This includes throwing out old clothing or furniture that may contain bedbugs, washing all linens frequently (especially if you bring home second-hand items), vacuuming regularly throughout the day using high heat settings whenever possible (between 120°F – 130°F), cleaning up after cooking/grilling outdoors so as not to attract any pests back inside with you when things get messy outside later on down there on Earth too much later these days…

Clutter also makes it harder for professional exterminators like yourself who want nothing more than success against these parasitic pests

Remove items from walls and electrical outlets.

You should remove items from the walls and electrical outlets. Bed bugs can hide in pictures frames, paintings or posters on the walls. They can also hide in electrical outlets. All these items need to be removed from your home and stored in a safe place until after your treatment is complete.

Clean your home thoroughly before attempting bed bug extermination.

You need to clean your home thoroughly before attempting bed bug extermination. This will help get rid of any food sources the bugs may be feeding on and also prevent them from hiding in areas where they can’t be reached during treatment.

When you’re cleaning, it’s important to do a thorough job so that there are no cracks or crevices left behind that could provide shelter for any bugs that may have made their way into your home before the extermination process began.

What should I clean?

  • The carpets
  • The floors
  • The walls and baseboards
  • Windows, curtains and blinds (if possible)

Dispose of unnecessary trash to prevent attracting bed bugs back into your home after you’ve had an extermination.

After the bed bug extermination, it is important to get rid of all unnecessary trash. This can attract bed bugs back into your home if you leave it in your house. Make sure that you take out all trash and recycling bins from inside the house, and do not put them in the garage. If you have a large amount of garbage, put it in a closed dumpster until it can be picked up by waste management services.

Make sure you wash all of your linens on the hottest setting possible, and dry them thoroughly in a hot dryer.

Make sure you wash all of your linens on the hottest setting possible, and dry them thoroughly in a hot dryer. Bed bugs can survive in temperatures as low as 113 degrees Fahrenheit, so be sure to use the highest temperature on your washing machine and/or drying machine. If you don’t have a dryer, hang your clothes up outside in the sun (but make sure they’re not exposed to rain).

Bed bug extermination is a sensitive process that requires patience, but with proper preparation and follow-through on our part, we should be able to get rid of these pests once and for all!

Do not put toys in a toy box, leave them out spread out so that bed bugs can be exterminated easier.

Don’t put toys in a toy box, leave them out spread out so that bed bugs can be exterminated easier. Toy boxes can be hard to clean and may allow bed bugs to survive. Keep toys in a regular box and it will be easier to clean, allowing bed bugs to be exterminated more easily.

Prep before you have a bed bug extermination!

The best way to prevent bed bugs from coming back after an extermination is to do a deep clean before your bed bug treatment.

  • Check the clutter in your home. Bed bugs can hide anywhere, so check the areas around beds, couches and other furniture for clutter that may be harboring them. If there are no obvious signs of bedbugs now, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there! Clean up any clutter you find so that any hidden eggs or nymphs can’t start multiplying again as soon as you think you’ve gotten rid of them all.
  • Vacuum thoroughly and frequently with a powerful vacuum cleaner on high settings (don’t forget about all those little cracks in your floorboards). This will help remove any debris that might be harboring eggs or larvae if they were missed during previous cleanings (or if some were moved recently). It also kills adult insects when they’re sucked up into the vacuum’s motor compartment where their bodies get ground up into tiny pieces!

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