How To Kill Fleas With Home Remedies

The key to getting rid of fleas in the house fast is doing it safely and needlessly because the pet is a member of the family. For centuries, all across the globe, people have been fighting against pests, from mice to cockroaches, with home remedies as well as commercially available products. Many remedies have been used over the course of time, including essential oils. I was just an ordinary house cat until one day I found a flea on my back. It was disgusting and that triggered a conversation about how to kill fleas. Having been around for over 9,400 years, there’s no doubt that fleas have been a significant source of annoyance for humans ever since. So you have been overrun with those little fleas. You take care of your dogs, but the fleas just kept on coming and when they did not wish to leave at all, you started looking for home remedies for fleas so you can get rid of it right away.

How To Kill Fleas With Home Remedies

Vinegar, Baking Soda and Borax

You can kill fleas naturally with vinegar and baking soda. You need to mix 1 part vinegar and 1 part baking soda, then spray this mixture on your carpet and leave it there for 10 minutes before vacuuming it up. Repeat the process two more times if you want to be sure that all of the fleas are dead. If you want even faster results, add some borax powder or Borax laundry booster (which is much cheaper than Borax laundry detergent) to the mixture instead of just plain baking soda.

Lemon Spray

Lemon spray is one of the easiest home remedies to use, and it’s also one of the most effective against fleas. The citric acid in lemons will kill fleas on contact, and since lemon juice is safe for humans and pets, you don’t have to worry about getting sick using this method. Lemon spray is a good alternative to chemical pesticides; it acts as an insect repellent as well as an insecticide.

Rosemary Oil

Make your own Rosemary Oil:

  • After you have collected your rosemary and dried it out, remove the leaves from the stems and crush them up into fine pieces.
  • Put these crushed rosemary leaves into a jar with enough olive oil to completely cover them (you can use other types of oils, but olive oil is best). Place this jar in a dark place for 4 weeks, shaking it once or twice daily. Leave this on your counter if you won’t be using it right away because the longer it sits before use, the more potent it becomes!
  • When ready to use, strain out all of the plant material using cheesecloth or some kind of strainer that will catch any large pieces but still allow smaller ones through so they don’t clog up your sprayer nozzle when applying later on down below here at section 3 where we’ll discuss how to apply this solution onto cats/dogs/yourself if needed…
  • . Spray directly onto pets (or yourself) and rub gently into fur until dry – do not rinse off afterwards because doing so would wash away most of its effectiveness against fleas!


Sprinkle a generous amount of salt on your carpet and leave it there for a few hours. The fleas will die from dehydration, but if you need to repeat this step for stubborn fleas, use about half as much salt the second time. This procedure does not work on pets; do not apply salt directly to your pet’s fur or skin! Also, do not use this method on carpets that are colored or synthetic.

If you have cats who are allergic to flea bites, sprinkle some baking soda into their litter box before adding fresh litter each day. Baking soda is safe for kittens and adult cats alike, but avoid using it with puppies under six months old because they may have sensitive stomachs that cannot tolerate extra sodium intake yet.

Beer Trap

This is a pretty simple method, and it has a high success rate. First, you’ll need some beer. Second, place the bowl of beer in the middle of your room (or wherever the fleas are). The fleas will be attracted to it and jump into it, where they drown. You’ll want to keep an eye on this trap just in case any other bugs end up falling into there as well. Also make sure that your pets cannot reach this bowl—they could accidentally get stuck if they drink from it!

If you do not want to use alcohol as bait or have any left over after killing fleas another way like vinegar or coffee grounds then try using apple cider vinegar instead because apple cider vinegar works really well too but sometimes this can cause stains so be careful when using apple cider vinegar around carpets or furniture that might get stained by spillage accidently spilling over onto them..

Essential Oils

You can use essential oils to repel fleas, kill fleas and treat fleas.

Essential oils are a natural way to combat the little pests that infest your home. Most of these essential oils have potent properties that help in eliminating the fleas and their eggs as well as neutralizing their smell for good. The best part about using essential oils is that they are safe for pets, children, adults and even pregnant women. If you want to get rid of those pesky critters once and for all then read on!

Home remedies that can help you rid your property of fleas, which will make living easier.

Home remedies can be a great way to rid your home of fleas and make living easier. Home remedies are safe, natural and effective. They’re easy to make, easy to use, inexpensive and easy to find. They’re also safe for pets and easy to store.

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