How To Spot Fleas In House

Fleas are very dangerous to your dog’s health. They can cause tapeworms, fleas can also be a real pain in the coat, literally. Thankfully there are many prevention methods you can use to stop your dog from being bitten or infested by fleas. Here is how to spot fleas in house, if you want to prevent them from biting and feeding upon your pet. These are just some of the questions people who have flea problems ask themselves. Fleas invade a home and settle down too rapidly for their presence to be noticed by most homeowners. However, if you look for these telltale signs, it will not only help you identify if a flea invasion has occurred, but also allow you to take the steps you need to eradicate your fleas. Fleas are a nightmare for a home dweller. Just the thought of these little insects makes you cringe. The fact is that fleas in your house can make you cringe and they aren’t even known to be dangerous to humans. There are those who think flea bites cause them discomfort, but they need medical attention. They don’t carry any diseases or infect people with deadly bacteria, unlike bed bugs. They also infest your pet, not you. Still, this doesn’t change the fact that they’re pests! You are probably aware that fleas are another form of insect that commonly infest your home. However, you may not know what exactly they do and if they are dangerous to the health of your dog or cat. In this short article, I will tell you all about fleas in general and how to get them out of your house.

How To Spot Fleas In House


Do you have fleas in your home? Fleas are pests which feed on the blood of humans and animals. They can cause severe itching and scratching, which can lead to a secondary infection. If you have fleas in your home, this guide will tell you how to spot them.

Inspect Your Pet

  • Inspect your pet.
  • Check the pet’s skin, hair and ears for fleas, eggs and larvae.
  • Look for adult fleas on the animal’s body, or in his bedding or favorite sandbox spot outside of your home (where pets are allowed to roam freely). If you find any evidence of these pests, it’s time to take action!

Monitor Your Home

Here are some ways you can monitor your home for fleas.

  • Look for signs of an infestation on your pets. Fleas tend to be visible when they’re on the pet, but you’ll also want to look for them in dark places like under furniture or behind baseboards.
  • Monitor your pets’ behavior as well. If they’re scratching themselves or trying to bite at something, it could mean they have fleas.
  • Check around the house carefully during the day and night because flea eggs hatch only after feeding off a host animal first; if there are eggs present then adults might show up soon!

Examine Your Family Members

You should examine yourself, your pets and any other family members for signs of fleas. If you find fleas on your dog or cat it’s likely that they have been feeding off of another host. Fleas usually don’t jump on people but they do bite them and cause itchiness.

Examine the bed linen in which you sleep; if there are fleas in the mattress then this may be where they are coming from too (beds tend to be warm and dark). Examine your pillows, blankets, sheets and duvets thoroughly by parting the seams with a pin to look inside them – if there is any sign of blood stains then there is probably an infestation present somewhere nearby!

Flea larvae can also be found living within carpets so check around furniture legs or under rugs where pets might go frequently

Flea Droppings

If you have fleas in your home and want to know how to spot them, look for flea droppings. These are small black or dark brown spots that will be near the pet’s bedding or on carpeting. Flea droppings can be found wherever a pet has been as they will be present in the bedding as well as on furniture and floors.

Flea droppings look like tiny black or brown dots and will occur in groups of three or four dots together. The size of each dot is approximately 1/16 inch long by 1/64 inch wide (1 mm x 0.4 mm).

The first step is to stop the itching and scratching.

To stop the itching and scratching, you can use any of the following methods.

  • Flea shampoo for dogs and cats
  • Flea spray for dogs and cats
  • Flea collar for dogs and cats
  • Flea powder for dogs and cats
  • Flea comb for pets that don’t mind getting combed by their owners (cats are notorious for being difficult to comb)


Now that you know how to inspect your home, pet and family members for signs of fleas, it is important to note that the best way to eliminate them is with professional exterminator. If you have plenty of time and patience you could try removing fleas on your own but there are other pests that feed on humans too so make sure they don’t get out of hand before calling someone in because they can cause serious health problems if left untreated.

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