Natural Pest Control For Fruit Trees

Pest control has become a very common issue for many homeowners, especially for fruit tree owners. Though it can be a rather stressful situation to be in, you can feel safe knowing that there are a variety of organic and non-toxic pesticide options available to you. In fact, many organic alternatives are safer than their chemical counterparts. As a fruit tree farmer, you are a steward of the land and the environment. Customers expect nothing but the best, and that means growing fruits with few or no pesticides. Organic pesticides must be safer for the environment, have less chance of contaminating groundwater sources, be more effective, and [should] have minimal impact on non-target species (such as pets, wildlife, or human beings). This article is about some of the natural ways you can apply to control pests common in fruit trees.

Natural Pest Control For Fruit Trees

Amaryllis Belladonna

Amaryllis belladonna, also known as “Deadly Nightshade”, is considered a natural pest control for fruit trees. It is toxic to humans and should be planted around the base of your fruit tree. The plant grows best in full sun and will die back during winter months.

Amaryllis belladonna has many other names including: Amaryllidaceae and Belladonna Lily (in Latin).


Basil is a wonderful herb that is not only delicious, but also repels flies and mosquitoes. Basil can be used in salads, soups and stews. It is great with tomato based dishes as well as pasta sauces. Basil leaves are also great in tea to help relieve colds and fevers.

Basil works great on its own when planting fruit trees because it repels harmful pests like asparagus beetles, whiteflies and spider mites among others. It will also keep away aphids, hornworms (tomato or corn earworm) cabbage loopers and houseflies from your garden area. Another benefit to growing basil around fruit trees is that it helps deter rabbits from eating their fruits! Basil’s scent puts them off so they won’t enter the area at all!


Lavender is a natural pest repellent that can be planted near your fruit trees to keep out pests. Lavender also makes an excellent mosquito repellent, so you may want to consider planting it in your yard if you find yourself dealing with mosquitoes.


Adding marigolds to your garden is a good idea for several reasons. First, marigolds are great companion plants. They help deter pests, repel insects and improve the soil around them. Marigolds also attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, which is essential for your fruit tree’s flowering season. Additionally, marigolds can help filter out nematodes (tiny worms) in the soil that could harm your trees’ roots if left unchecked.


Nasturtiums are a great choice for the organic garden. Their bright, cheerful flowers are edible and can be used in salads or as garnishes. They also have a number of uses as a natural pest repellent around your fruit trees. Nasturtiums repel aphids and whiteflies, deter beetles, squash bugs and striped cucumber beetles from attacking your fruit tree leaves by releasing an odor that interferes with the pheromones that insects use to communicate with each other. This can help keep unwanted pests away from your plants!


Oregano is a perennial herb that can be found in many gardens, and one of its most effective uses is for controlling pests. It’s also great for attracting bees and butterflies to help with pollination, which can help your fruit trees produce healthier crops.

Oregano has been used as a herbal remedy since ancient times, and it is still used today for both culinary purposes and medicinal treatments. The strong smell of oregano repels most types of pests from fruit trees, so you can plant this herb around your trees without worrying about any damage being done.

Oregano is easy to grow indoors or out; there are many different varieties available at local nurseries or online if you don’t have access to fresh oregano seeds where you live.


Parsley is a great companion plant for your fruit trees. It’s natural bug repellent and attracts hoverflies and ladybirds, which help to control pests such as aphids. Parsley is also an excellent source of vitamins!

Red Clover

Red clover is a legume that fixes nitrogen in the soil, which means it provides nutrients for other plants to grow. It also benefits the soil and plant systems by improving water infiltration, adding organic matter, reducing erosion and providing shelter for beneficial insects. Red clover can be used as a cover crop on orchards to attract pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Red clover is easy to grow from seed and will tolerate many different types of soil conditions (from sandy to clay). Plant your red clover seeds after all danger of frost has passed but before warm weather arrives; if you wait too long into spring, you may find that your crops won’t germinate properly because they’re getting too hot!


Rosemary is an herb that attracts and repels insects. It can be used to repel the following pests:

  • Aphids
  • Mites
  • Mealybugs
  • Scale (an insect that sucks sap from plants)

Rosemary is not harmful to animals, but it may be mildly toxic if eaten in large amounts by people or pets. It’s safe for use around fruits trees and vegetable gardens as long as you don’t eat any yourself! If you’re growing rosemary near your fruit tree, make sure it doesn’t get in contact with the roots because this could cause them to rot.

Using companion plants can naturally control pests in fruit trees.

Companion planting is the practice of planting two or more crops together. The idea behind companion planting is that certain plants benefit from each other’s presence, while others help repel pests in your garden.

For example, marigolds are known to repel aphids from your fruit trees and attract beneficial insects like ladybugs! While this tactic might not be enough to eradicate a serious pest problem on its own, it can help keep your fruit tree healthier and happier in the long run.

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