Terminix For Fleas: Control, Cost, & Procedures

It’s summer, and that means it’s flea season. Fleas are small, brownish insects that can be found on pets, in carpets and furniture. They are known to carry tapeworms, which can be transmitted to humans. Fleas do not transmit diseases to humans.

Fleas are pesky parasites that can make your life miserable, and so can the process of removing them from your home. Fortunately, Terminix has you covered. We know this because we are America’s largest termite and pest control company and we’ve been taking care of homes since 1927. In this post, we’ll tell you all about our flea-removal services so you can enjoy a summer free of bites.

Flea Control in the House

Step 1: To treat the house, use a vacuum cleaner to remove fleas from carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture. Vacuuming will also help to loosen their eggs so that they can be more easily removed by vacuuming.

Step 2: Treating your pet with a topical medication such as a spot-on or collar is an effective way to kill adult fleas on your pet while they’re in their “off” cycle (when they are not reproducing). The active ingredient in these products works its way through your pet’s skin during the course of several hours, killing any adult fleas present at that time. These products should be applied once monthly for optimal control of existing adult fleas; some medications require two applications per month depending on product type and manufacturer recommendations.

Flea Control in the Yard

If you have fleas in your yard, there are several ways to control them.

-Use a flea spray. Flea sprays are chemicals that kill adult fleas by contact and can be sprayed directly on grass, plants and trees around the house.

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-Use a flea fogger. Fogging is another way to kill adult fleas immediately with insecticides that are released into the air when the canister is activated. Foggers are effective but take some time to work since you must leave the premises for safety reasons while they do their job; this means you won’t be able to walk on your lawn or pet any animals (including cats) for at least 24 hours after using one of these products indoors or outdoors.

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-Use a dog collar/cat collar designed specifically for controlling pests such as ticks and mosquitoes as well as fleas.

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-Trap-and-kill option: There are also traps available that catch insects like termites or cockroaches so they don’t enter your home again once they’re caught in one of these mechanisms.

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-Use a Flea Comb: A good way to get rid of fleas on your pets is by using a flea comb at least once per day and carefully combing through their fur, getting as close to their skin as possible without irritating it. This will pull out any dead or dying parasites that may be present in their fur, which can help prevent further infestation.

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For added protection against future infestations, use products with insecticidal properties such as Advantage® II monthly or Frontline® Plus topical spot-on solution monthly on all cats and dogs over 8 weeks old (or 6 months in some countries). Mature cats should be treated only once every 3 months; if they show signs of flea allergy dermatitis before then consult your veterinarian before treating again with these products

Terminix offers flea control solutions.

Terminix is a pest control company that provides pest control services to homes and businesses in the United States. Terminix offers flea control solutions for pet owners, homeowners, and apartment dwellers alike.

Whether you’re seeking a simple or complex solution for your flea problem, Terminix can help you find the right treatment for your situation. The pest control experts at Terminix will provide you with a custom quote that takes into account your specific needs, as well as any special requests—just tell them how many pets you have (and if any of them are especially sensitive), when it’s easiest for you to be around during treatment (whether it’s daytime or overnight), what types of spaces need attention (like just one room or an entire house), etcetera.

They’ll even let you know if they have any special promotions going on if they might be able to save some cash on this purchase!


Maintaining a flea-free home is not as hard as it sounds. With some basic knowledge and preventative measures, you can keep your home pest free all year long. If you’re already dealing with an infestation, we have the experts to help! We offer customized solutions for your home or business that are guaranteed to get rid of fleas and keep them away.

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